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Quality Hemp Products At A Lower Price: Evo Hemp Review

Are you shopping for quality CBD at an affordable price, there are so many companies to choose from, it is hard to pick one. They all make claims of being the best and having the best deal, the sales pitch is almost overwhelming to the average consumer.

If you want to buy your CBD from a natural down to earth company, look no further, Evo Hemp is your place!

They are not pushy salesmen at all, and they offer a 100% refund if you are dissatisfied for any reason. Another bonus is they offer free shipping on orders over $20 (US). This is one fabulous company!

Who Is Evo Hemp

Evo Hemp is a U.S. based company with the intent of making hemp food and supplement products more available and affordable for everyone

This company started in the poorest place in the United States, Pine Ridge Reservation. This was in hopes of bringing prosperity to the Native Americans, they met with Alex White Plume of the Lakota tribe and devised a plan to grow quality organic hemp and create products from it for sale.

How does Alex White Plume feel about hemp? “Hemp is our new Buffalo” is what the quote reads, so I would say he is very positive about this.

Being transparent seems to come natural to Evo Hemp, they don’t hide facts from their consumers, nor do they make false promises about their products. You can go to their page and pick a product, before you order you can check the third party results on their quality control page.

Hemp CBD Products

You can get their Tincture in a range of strengths from 250mg to 1500mgs, or softgels either 450mgs or 750mgs. Having access to the third party testing lets you know more than just the CBD and canabinoid count, it also lets you know that the supplement is free of molds, pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful agents.

Both products are made with full spectrum

The customer reviews of this product have been all 5 stars, except one, he was only unhappy that his dropper didn’t work, even though the product was great as he stated, he gave 3 stars for the dropper malfunction.

Hemp Food Products

All the food products offered by Evo Hemp are Gluten free, dairy free, and are non-GMO. This cuts out a lot of allergy issues. Unfortunately, they are not nut free, sorry to all with nut allergies.

Evo Hemp has a large variety of tasty hemp bars. The best way to pick your favorite is to order the Sampler Box at $19.99. There are a couple sampler boxes, so you can choose which of those you like. Every review has been great so far, 5 stars, stating what great flavors there are and that they are filling and satisfying snacks.

I am going to be trying the Sampler Box at $19.99, to see what each flavor tastes like!

They offer Hemp Hearts, which is hemp seeds. These are great for salads, shakes, baking, and just to eat by the handful. They offer a great source of completely absorbable protein and amino acids, and are the perfect addition to any diet!

Protein powders that are naturally dairy free and have no additives or preservatives. Like the hemp seed this powder contains a perfect balance of the omegas 3 and 6 and all the essential amino acids we require. If you need that extra protein in your diet these powders are exactly what you’re looking for!

Evo Hemp’s suggested uses for their Hemp Seed Oil are as follows: 

“Drizzle on top of salads or blend in dips such as hummus for an omega boost. Apply on clean skin or hair to heal and moisturize. The possibilities are endless.”

This is exactly what I would do with it as well. This is the best price I have seen for 8oz. of Hemp Oil, what a steal at $10.00.

Hemp Apparel

So far they only offer ball caps that I have noticed, but these are some quality caps. I am sure that this will grow in time.

The ball caps are made of 100% hemp fibers and offered in two colors, natural and blue. What a steal for a quality ball cap for only $15! We all know that hemp is the best for wicking moisture, who doesn’t need this feature in their ball cap!?!

Also, hemp does not hold odors, I don’t know if you have ever smelled your hat after a hot sweaty day? I can tell you, it is not pleasant, even if you just washed your hair that morning. This ball cap, could cut that odor down a substantial amount I would think.

Why Shop With Evo Hemp?

Affordable quality hemp products grown and produced by Native Americans, how can it get more natural than this? This is a better and more lucrative income than casinos on reservations, and comes with no negative effects only positive! This Indian Reservation could see a total turn around in their economy during the next year or two, I am sure it has already benefited.

By offering a Rewards program this is incentive for you to shop here, as the prices are already low, and they are offering even more discounts if you shop with them on a regular basis. You can subscribe to products for cheaper prices, or you can buy them at a one time price. I have seen this program on other major sites, to be a smaller company offering this is awesome I think.

100% refund if unhappy, free shipping on orders over $20 (US), those speak for themselves, I do not need to expand on them. Aside from saying that they are fabulous offers!!

With all the assurances of quality products being produced for our purchasing ability, the affordability of the products, and the satisfaction guarantee, I would say you can not go wrong with ordering form Evo Hemp. You would be supporting a US community that very much needs it, and will appreciate your shopping loyalty more than you could know.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Evo Hemp and their products. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

As always, thank you for reading my review.

Stacie Fortson

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Lush Valley CBD Review By Stacie Fortson

In my search for quality CBD manufacturers, I came across Lush Valley CBD. I only represent companies with quality CBD products that are third party tested. Lush Valley fell right into that very criteria.

When it comes to their products, they are very translucent. By this I mean, they tell where their plants come from, how they are grown, treated, and processed. You can view the entire process on their website. They offer videos to educate and reassure that they are creating a quality product.

The videos, in my opinion, also let you get to know your CBD manufacturer a little better. I know that I am more at ease buying products from a person I feel that I know, versus a total stranger.

Products Offered by Lush Valley CBD

Lush Valley CBD can be purchased in tincture (oil 1000 or 500mg), body butter (4oz. or 8 oz.), and pet spray. I think that keeping the product line simple like this, makes it easier for Lush Valley to concentrate on quality versus quanity.

Also, with fewer choices, it makes for easier decision making. Not saying that choices are bad, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming if there are too many, simplicity is good.

The tincture ingredients are also very simple, it contains full spectrum hemp extract and MTC oil, and is a NON-GMO hemp oil, is pesticide free, and lab tested < .3% THC (by an independent third party lab).

Third Party testing is unbiased, the results can be trusted to be accurate. These tests will also show the strength and safety of the products.

What Is The Big Deal About Being Organic?

Well, hemp is highly sensitive to it's environment which is why it belongs in the category of “Bioaccumulator”. To break it down, this means that the plant absorbs both the good and bad elements from the water, air and soil.

Growing hemp organically and naturally helps to guarantee that there are no pesticides, toxic metals or other dangerous hidden ingredients to come through in the CBD Products.

Organic growing is the safest and best way to grow most every product used by consumers. Any company that grows organic and uses organic ingredients is showing respect and care for their consumers, and environment.

What Can CBD Do For You?

Well that question is one for you to answer. I can tell you what CBD does for me, and you can read about what it does for others. As far as what it will do for you, that is your personal journey.

For me CBD has decreased my pain level due to arthritis and pinched nerves. It has increased my focus in general, and my patients to deal with the little things that normally aggrivate me.

I have never had sleeping issues, but I have read that it has helped others with sleeping as well. There are so many reviews on what CBD has done for people.

Keep in mind however, there are no scientific facts to back up any of the claims. There are studies being done, but not significant findings as of yet, aside from CBD does help with certain types of epilepsy.

There are some companies that are getting in trouble for making medical claims related to CBD, Lush Valley is not one. They do not make any claims that CBD is a medicine nor that it will cure any diseases or disorders.

They simply state that CBD reacts to CB receptors that are in our bodies. These receptors are the reason CBD, THC, and other cannabidiols work for us and our animals.

Without CB receptors in the body, hemp and marijuana would behave as mere herbs, like basil or oregano when consumed. But we have these receptors, and I say we have them for a reason, our bodies are designed to use cannabidiols.

However, as I stated earlier, what CBD will do for you is your own journey. No one can tell you how it will work for you, or if you will like it, that is all on you alone.

If you are wanting to try CBD, Lush Valley CBD is one of my recommendations for sure. You can click on any of the links in this review to buy yours today. And While you're there, I encourage you to visit their FAQ's and videos on their "about us" page. I found all the information very helpful.

As always, thank you for visiting my site and reading my review on Lush Valley CBD. Please feel free to leave a comment below on your thoughts and experiences with Lush Valley CBD or just CBD in general.

Stacie Fortson

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Why I Use CBD And Why Chong’s Choice Is My Go To

I like many others have chronic back pain upper and lower, severe arthritis in my shoulders and knees, and a few other aches and pains. Not to mention that I am high strung, boarder line hyper-active.

I like all natural remedies, I prefer to steer clear of over-the-counter or even prescription medications. I am not a fan of big pharma medicines.

healthy living
Diamond CBD Lifestyle

For years I have used marijuana (THC) as a pain aide and for calming my nerves. It never seemed to be harmful to me or anyone else around me, and it always worked very well.

When CBD hit the market I was very skeptical of how well it would work, or if it would even work at all. I mean we were taught that hemp was just like a weed, like a dandilion, not to be smoked or consumed.

Then I met my fiance, who is a huge advocate of CBD, is when I began really getting into CBD. When I told him that I have severe back and knee pain and he asked if he could dose me up.

I was reluctant to say the least, but did agree. Marijuana never hurt me, so what was the harm in trying CBD?

He started me off with like 250mg of oil (tincture) that he had gotten from a personal supplier in Colorado. It took about 20 minutes to kick in and for the pain in my lower back to ease up enough for me to be comfortable sitting in my chair.

I was impressed, but not sold completely yet. I really wasn’t a fan of the oil, the flavor wasn’t that great and it lingered in my mouth. So he tried flower next.

Boy oh boy was I ever skeptical about smoking hemp. I made him go first and asked if it tasted like nasty grass or weeds, he said no and he was a bit shocked too. So I tried it. Talk about instant pain relief number one! and the flavor was fantastic.

That blew me away. And no headache as feared.

I have to admit that I was impressed at this point. That was only the start of what CBD and hemp oils have done for me. I started noticing that my focus and “clarity” were better as well.

So I began researching CBD. There are a lot of things to research when it comes to CBD, especially with everyone and his brother selling it. You want and need to make sure you are getting a quality product.

Also you need to understand that CBD is not a miracle cure all supplement that some companies claim it to be. I cannot say what CBD will do for you, I can only say what it does for me.

If you are on a site where a company is claiming that CBD can cure cancer and other ailments, please leave that site. There is no scientific evidence to back up those statements.

CBD has been found to help with certain types of epilepsy and is now found in a medication for people with epilespy. That has been proven, until further studies are completed there can be no other medical claims, only testimonials.

Know The Type Of CBD You’re Buying

This can be confusing to start with, so I will break it down for you as simple as I can. It was confusing to me when I first started researching CBD as well.

There are three types of CBD, you have CBD isolate, Broad Spectrum CBD, and Full Spectrum CBD. Each uses different aspects of the plant and different processes for extracting the CBD and totally different end products.


CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD there is, it usually runs at 99% pure. There is a catch, if you are looking for other terpines and cannabidiols this is not your product, it is strictly CBD.

Then there is Broad Spectrum CBD, here they are processing the plant for all the cannabidiols and other compounds found in it except THC. Broad Spectrum CBD contain absolutely no THC, but contains all the same cannabidiols as Full Spectrum CBD.

Full SPectrum CBD is a collection of all photochemical compounds found in the plant and may contain up to .03% THC. This is not near enough THC to give any kind of a “high” by any means, but the amounts still must be listed.

Both Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum contain CBN, CBC, CBG, CBDA, and CBDV. It just depends on the strain of hemp as to the amounts of each one.

I have found that Full Spectrum is the most expensive of all of them because it is harder to regulate the exact amounts of CBD per dose.

Different Ways To Use CBD

As I stated earlier I have tried a couple of different ways to use CBD before researching for the best company and my prefered product. I tried the tincture (oil), and smoking flower.

Diamond CBD Lifestyle
Diamond CBD Variety

Well then I got into researching and found edibles, vapes, pain cream, and so much more. CBD can be beneficial inside and out is what I have found out.

So I am going to say that the oils and tinctures have come a long way since I first tried them. There are new flavors being developed all the time, but my all time favorite is Chong’s Choice 1000mg CBD Oil. It is not spruced up with fancy flavors, but it tastes really good to me for some reason.

I am not a huge fan of any edibles that are really sweet, however my fiance once again advised me to try the Chong’s Choice Gummy Bears and the Watermelon slices. I can hardly believe that I actually like them as much as I do. I hate most sweets. But these are balanced nicely and not too chewy.

There are a few ways to smoke CBD, you can buy flower, waxes and shatters, or vape pens, it is all a matter of choice. I like all three and they are the fastest acting form to take CBD in.

Edibles and oils can take up to 20 minutes before they are active in your system. Smoking CBD in any form is pretty much instant, some may say it takes 5 minutes to kick in. For me it is fairly instant on average.

Then there is the topical form and bath bombs. This is great for extra relief for those stiff achy muscles and joints. And with every product I have tried, I have noticed an improvement in the condition of my skin. That’s two in one relief for me.

Why I Chose Chong’s Choice CBD Products

As I stated earlier, I want the best CBD quality for the best price. I have not found a CBD aside from Diamond that I like as much as Chong’s Choice.

Chong’s Choice Collection

I went with Chong’s Choice CBD because it was Tommy Chong standing behind his own product with his name on it. If you are going to buy any CBD or marijuana product from a store or online, I say buy Chong’s Choice.

Wouldn’t you trust it more if you knew the maker was also a consumer of his or her own product. Well that answers the question as to why I chose Chong’s Choice.

Of all the people that could know the most about marijuana and CBD in the world, I would say Tommy Chong is on the top side of that list. Not just because he has smoked plenty, but he has researched, studied, and fought for both for years.

The question really should be, “Why wouldn’t you choose Chong’s Choice CBD products?”

This concludes my article on why I chose Chong’s Choice CBD. As always, thank you for visiting my site and reading my article, please feel free to leave a comment below, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Stacie Fortson

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Diamond CBD’s New CBD MALL: All The Best CBD Products In One Spot!

If you’re like me, you want only top quality products when you shop for CBD or any other product. We work hard for our money and we deserve it.

NOT being fooled by flashy products with false claims is definitely the goal.

Shopping for CBD online can be a challenge, especially when you’re not sure where to start looking for quality products. Diamond made the process a whole lot easier with their new CBD MALL.

They have brought all the top quality CBD makers toegether in one online CBD MALL. You will see all the brands you know and trust like Chong’s Choice, Koi, MediPets, Just CBD, and many more trusted brands.

Diamond just made shopping for the best CBD brands on the market easier by creating the CBD MALL. Check it out.

click on the Mall logo to visit

My Personal Favorites

There are a lot of great brands at the CBD MALL, I have a growing list of my favorites. Among them are the Diamond brand itself, MediPets, Lawrence Taylor Pain Master cream, and of course Chong’s Choice, you can’t go wrong with this CBD.

I personally think that the only way you wouldn’t be happy with Chong’s Choice brand of CBD, is if you just did not like the effects of CBD. This is one of the absolute best CBD’s I have tried.

MediPets has been my go to for my fur babies CBD requirements. I have two older Labradors and we all know they can have some hip issues. The poor dear creatures.

Well my yellow Lab, Rose, has the worst hips, but since I started her on MediPets 2 times a day she runs and plays ball with my fiance like she is a puppy again. She is almost 9 years old.

Speaking of my fiance, he is the reason I found LT Pain Master. He is very atheletic and gets very sore muscles, and needed intense relief. So I finally found and tried LT Pain Master, and now he swears by it, and will not use any other brand.

He actually had me try it on my knees one day when they were really sore, and I was very impressed with how well it worked for a topical.

My pain runs very deep, so I usually just go with oils or smoking of some sort. After trying LT Pain Master I use them in conjunction they and seemed to work better for me.

All of these products and more can be found a the new CBD MALL.

I can’t say what CBD will do for you, but I can say what it does for me. I feel a lot less pain these days, I am more focused and becoming even more creative as well. And when I use the creams and lotions, my skin feels smooth and refreshed.

Head on over to the CBD MALL today and find your favorite brand.

*Frequently Asked Questions*

What brand Of CBD oil is best for dogs?

I prefer MediPets for my fur babies. I did a lot of research on this before I would even buy CBD for my pets to make sure it was safe for them.

MediPets impressed me with their ingredients and choices for my fur babies, and my babies seem to really like it. They are a touch finiky when it comes to stuff like this, so I have to be a bit tricky and get them “snacks”. Don’t tell!!

As always, thank you for visiting my site and reading my article about the new CBD MALL sponsored by Diamond CBD. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Stacie Fortson

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A Little About Diamond CBD And Third Party Testing

Diamond Logo and Banner

There are so many places to get CBD these days, you really have to do some research whether you shop online or in the dispensaries. When I first started looking at CBD, I bought from companies online that were not the best so to speak. When I found Diamond, my search was over, and yours will be too, I am sure of it.

There are quite a few ways you can use CBD as well, from smoking it to rubbing it on your skin to eating it. I use a variety of products containg CBD from my face cream to tinctures.

I like to smoke the flower, which I never thought I would enjoy smoking Hemp flower of all things, but I really do. I also vape and do dabs of CBD as well, this I find the quickest and most effective, while the tinctures last over time, the smoking process is so instant on how you recieve the CBD.

I am okay with edibles when I find ones that are not too sweet, my fiance loves the sweetness, but I am not a fan, I am more of a salty snacker. I do have a weakness for good chocolate or honey, something about them I just can hardly turn them down.

No matter your prefference of use, you should make sure that you are using a top grade product. There are quite a few out there, both online and in stores, that do not really contain much or any CBD at all. You really have to be careful and do your research. This I can never stress enough.

Third Party Testing And Why It Is Important

With so many companies offering CBD how do you decide on who to buy from. They all look so flashy and special, but are they really that special, does their product really contain what they say it does or are they just a lot of hype? When You’re spending your hard earned cash, you want to make sure you are getting what you pay for.

One thing you can do, that I learned the hard way back in the beginning is, check for the product testing. If they only offer test from their own labs, DO NOT buy from them, you are looking for a Third Party Test result.

A Third Party Test result means that they have sent their product to another lab and had it test biaslly to give an honest result of what is in their products. While Diamond preforms test on their own products for purity during the making, they also send off for Third Party Testing on all their products.

If you are looking for the #1 CBD on the market, look no further, Diamond CBD is your spot for all your CBD needs. They have the highest standards and sell only top quality products that they 100% stand behind.

Top Quality Starts With High Standards

At Diamond CBD the drive is to research and create new cutting-edge hemp CBD extracts, and to make them available worldwide. Their team is made of doctors and scientists that are devoted to making the absolute finest and most pure CBD products on the market.

Diamond CBD At the CWCBExpo in New York City (2019) from Diamond CBD on Vimeo.

The farms are located in Kentucky, Colorado, and Scandinavia where the hemp plants are very well cared for and are 100% organic. At harvest the plants are handled very carefully as to not disturb the CBD and other canabinoids and terpines. And then they go through a drying and curing process for the best end product quality.

After the harvest and drying take place, Diamond then uses the most gentle extraction method possible, called a “Supercritical CO2 Extraction”.  This process draws out all of the naturally occurring beneficial molecules that reside in the hemp plant. Then they are ready to make wonderful CBD products with.

*If you want a Lab result on any product, go to the Diamond website, scroll to the very bottom and you will see a tab                for lab test results, click on it andlook for the product you are inquiring about.

Diamond CBD Banner

Diamond Only Represents Top Brands

Diamond has a list of trusted CBD brands available to try. I have yet to try them all, so far I have tried the Chong’s Choice CBD in a few variations, Diamond 1000mg with MTC, and just recently the Lawrence Taylor Pain Master Bundle.

So far I have had zero complaints. My orders are always on-time, sometimes early, and never damaged. And the products work great for me.

They also represent a few other brands such as Biothech, MediPets, Relax, Diamond Hemp, and Blue CBD Crystals Isolates to name a few. I have not tried all of these brands but I anticipate trying them in the near future. I will let you know what I think of each one that I do try.

I have tried the MediPets for my fur babies and it seems to do very well with them. I have noticed increased energy, less anxiety when I leave and return, and over-all just more clamness. On a sad note, it seemed to hlep my male pup on his last days with pain and more.

Satisfaction Garunteed

You really can’t go wrong with ordering from diamond. If you are not happy with your purchase, all you have to do is contact customer service and they will provide you with all you need for a quick product return and refund of your money as well. They are all about our happiness, it is crucial to their success.

I have not been unhappy with any product I have recieved from them to date. In my opinion, I did the research for us on this one guys and gals. I ate some awful bullets to find Diamond, all I can say is I am happy now that I no longer have to search for a quality CBD product.

Get Your Favorite Diamond CBD Product Today

will not make any claims of what CBD will do for you, I can tell you how it has helped me, and maybe it could help you too. I feel that my over-all pain level has decreased a great deal, I feel way more focused, and I have more tolerance for silly situations that would normally aggrivate me, not to mention the great effects on my skin!!

When you sign up to Diamond, you start earning rewards too. You can’t beat that. And in this age of Covid-19, having your CBD shipped to your door is so much safer and very convenient too.

Why not head on over to Diamond Today to pick out your CBD, see the ease and convenience of having it shipped straight to your door.

As always, thank you for visiting my website, and reading my article about Diamond CBD And Third Party Testing. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Stacie Fortson

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