Five of The Top CBD Companies You Can Trust

The Number Five

With so many CBD companies out there it’s nice to have a list of reputable and trustworthy companies to choose from. That is exactly what I have compiled for you here, five top CBD companies and how their products help, with full reviews for each.

My first encounter with CBD was about four years ago, my boyfriend at the time gave me my first dose. He had gotten it from a local dispensary and he had been using CBD for a combination of reasons, including pain management. This is the exact reason he recommended CBD to me, he knew I was suffering from chronic back pain.

I had already been medicating with THC and lots of it, I really like to smoke marijuana. Marijuana does help a lot with pain management, but I found that combined with CBD the benefits were multiple in comparison to using only marijuana.

I actually smoke less marijuana since I started on CBD, not that it was ever a concern or a goal, it was just something I noticed. It’s like CBD helped the THC do its job better and with added mental clarity.

I continued using CBD regularly, I mean why not see what else CBD could do for me in the long run. Using CBD and THC in conjunction I have noticed that my pain is managed with them alone now. I don’t use Ibuprofen or Tylenol any longer. I have a bottle of each in my medicine cabinet that has probably expired, it has been so long since I used them.

So not only did I get my back pain under control but also I noticed that CBD was helping with arthritis pain in my shoulders and the tendinitis in my knees became almost nonexistent.

I already felt young for my age, but now I feel like I am revisiting my teen years all over again. Being a long-time pot smoker definitely helped keep me in good spirits, but adding CBD into the mix gave me a new lease on life so to speak.

Okay, I am almost 50 years old, and my energy level exceeds the younger cooks around me. I amazed them all before I started taking CBD, but after I was taking it for about a month, I blew their minds. My memory increased as did my focus on timing food. I became a cooking machine, I was even being compared to a robot. That one really made me laugh.

I say that 50 is the new 30.

I was dating a guy exactly half my age and having a blast with all that. We moved to Oregon together and all was well for a while, then the age difference started to make a difference. One thing led to another and…

After the inevitable break-up, I had to start buying all of my own CBD of course. Although honestly, the ex is so sweet he would still buy it for me today if I asked.

I like to use different CBD products, so I have on-hand, at any given time, flower concentrates, oils, and edibles. I also have CBD on hand for my dogs, they are getting older and appreciate the pain relief. I appreciate that it is an all-natural supplement for them and that they enjoy taking it.

I have found that shopping for CBD in the dispensaries is way different from shopping online. Your choices are limited to what is in stock in each store, that truly sucks.

So you can either drive all over town searching for the exact brand and type of CBD you want, potentially wasting time and gas. This can get costly and be frustrating. In the end, you find that you are still a little disappointed and unsure about the products you just purchased, and are feeling very frustrated. I have totally been that gal.

I shop online for the broad selection and convenience, also it makes for perfect social distancing. Not to mention, the ease of it all. There is no sense in being limited so much and being left so unsatisfied. Also, online some deals are not going to be found in any dispensary ever, and some products as well.

You can take as much time as you want to learn about each product, as the store never closes. There are no lines to wait in, or the feeling of being rushed so the next guy can get in. There are just so many benefits to shopping online.

I would like to point out that my list of top five companies to buy CBD is just that, my list. These are the companies that I have found and have built trust in their brand through either personal use or a dear friend’s personal use.

I will be reviewing Tommy Chong’s CBD, Top Shelf CBD, Secret Nature CBD, Pinnacle CBD, and Made by Hemp Co. Each company has its own start-up story and mission, I will tell all of them in this article.

Of course, there are a lot of reputable CBD companies out there, this is the list of companies that I shop with. The order is not a ranking system by any means. It is actually the order in which I purchased from or discovered each company, either online or in a dispensary.

Tommy Chong’s Nano CBD

Tommy Chong's CBD Logo
Tommy Chong Logo

Tommy’s character as a pothead is just that, a character, this guy is not a bubble-headed stoner that can’t find his shoes. He is a very serious businessman with a great character front.

Tommy has become an icon in the cannabis industry with his fight for the legalization of marijuana and hemp. He works more than any other 80+-year-old man I know, and that’s a fact.

Tommy Chong’s CBD is probably the absolute best CBD I have ever used, hands down. My first experience with Tommy’s brand I bought from a dispensary called Mr. Nice Guy in Bend, Oregon. I purchased a vape cartridge, Blue Dream I think was the strain, it was what they call a 2:1 CBD: THC ratio.

Needless to say, I was very pleased with my purchase and this was not even his Nano CBD line. This cartridge was from his Chong’s Choice line of CBD products.

You have to know Tommy’s history with cancer and CBD to know why he had to help create the Nano CBD line called Good Vibes

So if you have not read Tommy’s story on how Cancer saved his life, you really should. This guy got knocked down while he was down. Did he stay down, oh hell no, he came back swinging.

So the journey to Tommy helping create the best CBD on the market started with him getting busted. Yeah, you read that right.

He got busted for selling clean brand new glass pipes online, not pot of any sort, just pipes. This all happened in February of 2003.

Hawaii Pipe Farm - Hawaii Pipe Farm Pipe Styles Image Banner 250x420

Tommy first thought it was a prank from Ashton Kutcher. At the time Ashton was making the TV show Pranked. Ashton would pull a prank like sending the DEA and SWAT to a celebrity’s door and catch all the drama unfold on camera.

Unfortunately for Tommy, Ashton was not around any corner waiting to jump out and say “You’ve been Punked”. Instead, he went to prison for 9 months from that sting they called “Operation Pipe Dreams”. That name made Tommy chuckle.

Well, Tommy not wanting to make things worse for his family or himself, quit smoking pot all the way, cold turkey. Within six months, he said he was feeling awful, not sleeping well, cranky, aching sore stiff muscles and joints, and he felt groggy and foggy.

He and his family attributed his decaying physical and mental health to stress from the court battle and being away from his family. Along with the poor quality of the prison food, and of course the natural progression of aging.

He did his time and got out of prison and was on probation, all the while his health was deteriorating. He said he didn’t have the energy he did before and was moody and just didn’t feel well.

That was when Tommy was diagnosed with prostate cancer. A few things went in Tommy’s favor when he was diagnosed with cancer. Number one, he caught his cancer in the early stages and it was a slow grower, number two, he had completed his probation, and number three, California legalized marijuana for medical use.

Tommy went into research mode to find out more about cancer treatments and side effects. In his research, he found that THC and CBD had been used in aiding cancer patients through their treatment programs.

After being THC-free for many years, Tommy decided that he would get his medical card and start using THC again legally in conjunction with his cancer treatments.

Then a friend of his told him about this stuff called Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). Being in research mode, Tommy checked this led out.

Turns out that RSO was a very potent CBD created illegally by a Canadian farmer that was intent on proving that there was a cure for cancer. Tommy was wowed that this guy was using Hemp and not Marijuana.

Wanting to make his own RSO, Tommy went to his dispensary and stocked up on a bunch of medical marijuana. He then commenced making big a batch of RSO for himself. He said it tasted awful, in his own words;

“I’ll be honest with you…It tasted like garbage. Imagine juicing a lawnmower bag full of grass clippings and taking a shot of it…” -Tommy Chong

As awful as it tasted it was helping, he began to feel better all over he said, and Tommy got his appetite and award-winning personality back as well.

Now, Tommy started using marijuana again for aid in cancer treatment, he discovered that his overall health and well-being had been given a boost as well, that was when he became the Cannabis Evangelist.

He wanted to see everyone be able to feel the same as he did if they chose to. He began a crusade of sorts, you could say. Telling anyone that cared to listen about his battle with cancer, and how much of a miracle CBD was for him. He went on talk shows and did interviews with news anchors to spread the word.

He started getting some concerning responses however, responses he did not expect. CBD was not working for others the same as it was for him. Not knowing why CBD was working so well for him and not others, Tommy went into research mode again.

There had to be something missing in the formula, something he had overlooked. After a chance meeting with a doctor at a charity fundraiser, named Dr. Clark, Tommy finally started to get some answers.

He told Tommy that he was getting a large dose of CBD compared to the average person, but Dr. Clark also informed Tommy that he was taking it wrong. Dr. Clark warned Tommy that he could be damaging his liver by taking the CBD oil the way he had been, as it is not absorbing (delivering) into his system properly.

Dr. Clark pointed out two things to Tommy that would change the average person’s experience with CBD, and make it much better.

After this meeting, you can only imagine how excited Tommy was to almost have a solution for the CBD issue others were having. And he inspired immensely Dr. Clark and that made the good doctor go to his lab and start working on a better way to deliver CBD to the human system.

Dr. Clark called Tommy a couple of weeks later super excited and babblingly scientifically about the “Nano Solution”. Of course, Tommy wanted to know more and to be able to understand the good doctor. They arranged a meeting so Dr. Clark could explain everything to Tommy so he would 100% understand.

In this meeting, Dr. Clark explained to Tommy that CBD in its natural state needs to go to your liver first is because it is too big to be absorbed into the bloodstream first. The “lysosomes” (big oil bubbles), need to be broken down to a much smaller size for proper absorption.

This is not an issue when it comes to smoking because the heat breaks down the CBD oil lysosomes small enough to be absorbed when they enter your lungs. They just cling to the bloodstream and start working their magic instantly.

The Nano solution is breaking down the lysosomes so they are small enough to be absorbed into the bloodstream, and not go directly to the liver.

Breaking down the lysosomes is done by Dr. Clark and his team by using a special process that includes pressure and diamonds. The particles end up being so small that when you ingest or put them on your skin the CBD starts working instantly, as it is instantly absorbed into the bloodstream.

To get an accurate record of effects, Dr. Clark asked Tommy to stop using any Marijuana or CBD for at least 48 hours before trying his new Nano CBD.

Tommy obliged Dr. Clark’s request, and when he tried the Nano CBD, he said that it only took about 15 minutes to kick in and then he felt a bit of pep to his step. And just minutes later he felt like he had tapped into a concealed energy supply.

Now, this is the stuff Tommy wanted to brag about and promote to people, CBD that really worked and worked fabulously. He had to see if this new “Nano” CBD worked as well for others as it did him.

And this is what a great friend Tommy is, he ordered a case and gave bottles to his friends that he thought could benefit from CBD.

The response was simply stunning, his friends wanted more. Somehow, people he didn’t even know were emailing and asking about his “magic CBD bottles”. Tommy became the center of a Nano CBD Hollywood explosion, now he knew the recipe was right.

The next step was to approach Dr, Clark and see what it would take to mass-produce the fantastic Nano CBD.

Come to find out, Dr. Clark had already been thinking along those lines.

He was working on a system or a protocol that would be more effective for people. He obtained some pretty amazing 100% natural supplements that have been shown to support your body and enhance the effects of Nano CBD. The supplements are:

  • Taurine: naturally helps your body produce more dopamine, the energy hormone GABA: responsible for telling your brain when it is time to wind down and enter a deep, relaxing sleep
  • Vitamin B6:helps with everything from digesting food to regulating your mood.
  • Valerian: an ancient herb that has been used for thousands of years to promote rest and tranquility.
  • Cordyceps Sinensis: Cordyceps has been studied for their potential effects on
  • Longevity
  • Heart Health
  • Brain Health
  • And a lot more
  • Improved Mood and Focus, and Memory

Dr. Clark and his team spent months to perfect this new Nano Protocol Good Vibes, a lot of trial and error went into making the perfect blend.

When it was finished, Dr. Clark insisted on putting Tommy Chong’s name on it, that way people know that Tommy 100% stood behind this product and used it too. And just to make sure there was no question in anyone’s mind who Tommy Chong is, Tommy also agreed to have his picture on every package and bottle as well as his name.

The Good Vibes Protocol was officially born.

Good Vibes Protocol

Follow my link and you can get the Hero Bundle for $149.90, this set includes:

The power of Tommy Chong’s Good Vibes Nano CBD Protocol (Good Vibes and Nice Dreams) PLUS their highest potency Full Spectrum CBD Tincture. The Hero Bundle provides the lowest price ever on their 3 most popular and most potent CBD Tinctures.

Or The Nice Dreams AM/PM Combo for $79.95 this set is just the Nice Dreams and Good Vibes. They call it Tommy Chong’s Good Vibes Protocol. Nice Dreams Sleep Tincture plus Good Vibes Energy Tincture.

Formulated to help you get the deepest, most restorative sleep of your life, without harsh chemicals or pharmaceutical drugs and all-day jitter-free focus and energy.

My first purchase was the AM/PM combo (the Protocol), I order it on a Monday or Tuesday, and it was in my mailbox by Friday that same week. When I checked my mail and collected my Tommy Chong’s Protocol, it was after a long and hard day at work.

I had to run and get gas afterward and I felt awful, I mean really awful. My back between my shoulder blades was in so much pain I was almost in tears, getting gas was the last thing I wanted to do.

When I pulled up to the pumps, I sat there for a bit and decided that I was going to open my package and take some of this “miracle CBD” to see how it worked when I felt that awful. I am not going to lie, I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning opening a grand gift.

I read and followed the instructions on the bottle. It said to put a full dropper under your tongue and hold it for 30 seconds for best absorption. I put the whole dropper under my tongue as suggested. At first, I was like oh no! Not realizing it was citrusy, my whole mouth began to salivate and I could not hold the dose under my tongue.

I thought I had wasted my first dose, I finished pumping my gas and drove around the corner to my apartment, it literally took me maybe 5 minutes to get home. By the time I got home my back pain had eased up quite a bit, that was a total of about 15 minutes from ingestion to home. I didn’t waste my dose by not being able to hold it under my tongue after all.

I began to notice other aches and pains diminishing throughout the next 30 minutes or so. Seeing the results I was, I thought, well if I can actually hold my dose for the whole 30 seconds I bet I get an even better experience.

For the PM part of the Protocol, I got my dose ready and put small amounts under my tongue at a time, so I didn’t overwhelm my taste buds and get that salivation running again. This worked and worked well.

Come to find out the PM is not as citrusy as the AM, but I found it was easier to administer a little at a time anyhow. Holding a small amount from the full dropper of any liquid under your tongue for 30 seconds is hard. But, just a couple of drops at a time, I found to be quite manageable.

I wanted to make sure I was properly delivering my Nano CBD to my system, as Dr. Clark pointed out, the dose and delivery are important to reach maximum benefits from taking CBD. I believe that my, few drops at a time theory, is working for the best delivery.

I say this because I tried it and got better results on the following doses. I have been on this CBD regimen for about a month now, and I feel better than I have in years. Making it through my workday is so much easier now, and I get a full night’s rest to boot.

My pain is 100% managed, my mood is generally great, I have my moments as I am sure we all do. For the most part, I am a more pleasant person to be around overall.

I say if you have not tried Tommy Chong’s Nano CBD Protocol, you should. If you have tried it and are not very happy with the results, maybe try my delivery method before giving up on it. It can’t hurt, and if you still are not happy, Tommy says he will provide a FULL refund, just contact customer support, they will instruct you on how to receive your refund.

No matter which product you choose, every single batch is clinically tested by 3rd party laboratories throughout the US to ensure that it is safe and pure. The unique 2-step protocol is the only one of its kind anywhere. Every batch of Tommy Chong’s CBD is formulated in Dr. Clark’s GMP-certified lab, located in Pleasant Grove Utah, under sterile conditions to ensure the CBD is both pure and potent.

You can, of course, buy each version separately. Personally, for the full effect, I suggest both, Good Vibes for a great energy-filled day, and Nice Dreams for the best sleep you have ever had, no joke.

On Tommy Chong’s website, you will find these CBD products for sale: Nano CBD, oils and tinctures (drops), topicals, gummies, and soft gels.

Now here is the absolute best trust-building technique I have EVER seen offered by ANY CBD company. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, contact customer service for a full refund. Just save your bottle whether it is empty or full no matter what, you will get a full refund and there is no time limit.

That’s right, no time limit on your satisfaction, and your reason can be as stupid as you don’t like the way Tommy spells his name. I have copied and pasted his lifetime guarantee right here for you to see.

Tommy Chong's Guarantee

“Just place any order today… and say “maybe” to

my Good Vibes Protocol

In a few days, you’ll receive your full supply of my Good Vibes Protocol and you’ll have the rest of your life to try it out and decide that it’s right for you.

I can’t make the choice any easier than that…

I have such total confidence in my Good Vibes Protocol that I’m putting my money where my mouth is FOR LIFE.

You can order your package today,

Use all of it, and if you decide it’s not for you, call our customer service at

833-MORE-CBD (833-667-3223) or email them @ and tell them you want a refund…

You can ship us back EMPTY BOTTLES…

And you will still get a full refund of each and every nickel you paid today.

In business, I think they call that a Zero-Risk Guarantee…

.. cause I’m taking all the risk off you and placing it on me.” -Tommy Chong

For someone to believe in their product that much, says an awful lot, that’s all I have to say. I know I love Tommy Chong’s CBD, and I think you will too.

Use the coupon code TOMMY20 for 20% off your order.

Top Shelf Hemp Co.

Top Shelp Banner
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I first came across Top Shelf Hemp Co.’s CBD in a dispensary named Top Shelf in Bend, Oregon. Believe it or not, there is no connection between the two aside from they share the same name, they each have their own logo and everything. I am guessing this was possible as one is a manufactured product and one is a facility.

At any rate, I found Top Shelf Hemp Co.’s CBD to be of high quality. It worked very well for my arthritis in my shoulders and hands, and the tendinitis in my knees. My in-store purchase was some of their gummies, I cannot remember the exact flavor, but I do know that I was very impressed, I told the boyfriend that it was one of my new favorites and he bought me more of them.

When I came across their website, I got very excited, I thought it was a brand I would only find in the dispensaries. I love being wrong sometimes.

I ordered some of their flower, I purchased the Sour Space Candy, and it was supreme in quality all the way around. I found that they had many more products than I originally thought as well.

When my Sour Space Candy showed up, the buds were crystally and the aroma was intoxicating, I love that CBD bud smells so much like THC buds. The flavor is the deal sealer for sure, having great earthy tones with a citrus kick, it was exactly what I was looking for.

You can tell the quality of care that goes into each bud when your order arrives. For as long as I have been buying cannabis products, I can look at buds and be able to tell you if they have been hand-trimmed or put through the trimming tumbler.

When buds go through the tumbler for trimming, whether it is THC or CBD buds, it beats them up and knocks off a bunch of the yummy terpene crystals, thus losing quality. I have never understood why anyone would ruin their beautiful buds with such a destructive and abusive trimming method. Sure it’s faster, but is it worth losing quality?

Their packaging is impressive: a nice glass jar with an air-tight wood lid. I don’t always get excited about a package, but when it is a really nice one, I have to give a shout-out to the designers. I am sure it depends on what you order, surely not all their products can come packaged like that? So far I have only ordered the flower, and it did

They offer their CBD in oil and tinctures, edibles, flowers, and concentrates of sorts. Top Shelf Hemp Co. also has its own line of Delta 8 products to choose from that include concentrates, infused flower, and edibles. They really cover everyone with their array of products and services.

Top Shelf Variety Banner
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Reading their about page is a tell-all as to why their products are equal to their name.

They grow their hemp with tender loving care from seed to harvest. No chemicals or pesticides are used ever during any of their processing. And they hand-trim every single bud, hand-trimmed buds equal love and quality.

Top Shelf Hemp Co. is so devoted to making CBD a household name that they were preparing for the Farm Bill to pass the year prior to it passing. They were very busy making valuable industry contacts, working on a winning marketing and logo design. Not to mention, growing some of the finest hemp possible for creating all of their Top Shelf products.

They were all the way ready to put their products on the market the day the farm bill passed and they did.

Of course, this was not a one or two-man operation, it took a team of dedicated employees to get this going. They hired employees that care and that have the same goals as the company for the hemp plant and the planet. This created a family-type work environment that Top Shelf has and will proudly maintain.

When you have a warehouse full of caring people, that have absolute respect and love for what they are doing, it shows in your final product. That is the exact atmosphere at the Top Shelf warehouse, any day, you can show up and hear Rege music and laughter throughout and see happy workers that love their jobs.

At Top Shelf, they have one main focus, establishing the line between high-quality smokable hemp flower, and hemp that is grown for extraction (making concentrates). And the flowers for all of their products come from the finest hemp they can grow.

They sell their products to individual customers, wholesale for retail stores, and they also offer a White Label Program, and of course, they have an affiliate program and DropShipping as well.

I was not 100% sure what White Labeling was, so here is what I found it to be for everyone like me, needing more information. A company sells you its product for less than what you will be selling it for. You sell the product as if it is your product, not the company you purchased from.

This is what their site says:

At Top Shelf Hemp Co., we extend our amazing farming and production processes to other brands. This enables them to put out the highest quality craft smokable hemp flower, CBD, CBG, Delta8, and related products on the market, and stand out far above the competition. We offer everything from top to bottom for our white label partners. Including lab reports, custom packaging, custom artwork design, web design, and credit card processing.

DropShipping is a similar selling system, but you sell the company’s product you do not make it your own. With DropShipping you purchase a quantity of the product(s) you wish to resell. The company you purchase from takes care of the storing and shipping.

If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing here is a quick description of it as well. I am an affiliate marketer, I promote products that I have used and find helpful. I write my review of the product and tell why and how it was helpful for me. I hope to help others that are seeking the same products.

After I find the affiliate link for the product I want to promote I copy the link and insert it into the reviews I write. I then share the review on FaceBook and other social media platforms. When someone clicks on my link and makes a purchase, I am rewarded with a commission (a percentage of the total sale), this does not increase the product’s price at all. And that is affiliate marketing.

They offer all of these services to get their product on the market in as many places as possible. They want to show the world that their Hemp and CBD shines above the rest.

Made By Hemp Co.

I have to be very honest, I have not purchased from this company yet. I do plan to purchase from them, I just have a full stock of CBD right now, You may be asking why this company is on my list? The answer is, in researching them, they are the exact type of CBD company I would trust purchasing from, and I love their full mission.

Established in 2013 by Jeff Gallagher, who says, CBD not only changed his life but saved it as well.

Made By Hemp Product link
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No, Jeff was not diagnosed with cancer or anything. He was suffering from a deep depression that stemmed from losing his wife to an auto accident. With the aid of doctors’ prescriptions and lack of choices, he found himself, dependent, upon pharmaceuticals.

He said he wasn’t feeling human taking all the pharmaceuticals and really wanted and needed to change things. He could see the downward spiral he was in and it felt suffocating and awful. He wanted to feel human again, to have a more normal stable, and peaceful life again.

One day his neighbor, who had moved from California, after watching Jeff struggle with his grief, gave him a handful of capsules he had been making out of Marijuana stems and such. Jeff was hesitant, he didn’t really want to get “high”,  but still, after some convincing, he tried the little green capsules.

He tried them reluctantly, fearing that his anxiety would be worse with a “high”. He instead, found that these capsules really seemed to help relieve his anxiety and he felt more at peace.

Then he wanted to know exactly what was in these little capsules, he knew it was coming from the waste of Marijuana plants, but why did it make his mental state more stable? He took the capsules to a testing facility and had a full panel test done to reveal all ingredients.

Turns out that the main ingredient or compound found was a lot of CBD, very little THC was found. This of course strummed Jeff’s curiosity, as he had no clue what CBD was, but he knew it was helping him.

Not only did these little magic pills help with his anxiety and panic attacks, but he noticed something else, something unexpected.

He had stopped taking the pharmaceuticals and was strictly on CBD, and he felt human again.

Jeff dove into researching CBD and where he could get it in a more legitimate way than his neighbor’s ground-up waste. He found a company in Colorado that had a product made from hemp flowers versus ground-up waste. This CBD worked very well for him, and he could see where it could help others.

He knew then that he wanted to help more people that were struggling like him. He had a new mission. His mission was to help at least 5 people every day get off pharmaceuticals and onto CBD so they can feel better and live better.

His mission was harder than he thought, CBD was not well known in 2012, so selling this product to people was hard. Especially with all the laws back then, and the confusion between hemp and marijuana, that honestly still exists.

It wasn’t until a CNN interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, in August 2013, that CBD saw a crucial turning point pertaining to public awareness. In this interview, Dr. Sanjay Gupta featured a 6-year-old little girl, Charlotte Figi, whose parents were using CBD to treat her epilepsy. Also featured were the Stanley brothers that grew her CBD that they called Charlotte’s Web.

After witnessing CBD’s potential benefits for their loved ones that suffered similar fates as Charlotte, people were moving to Colorado by the droves to gain access to Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil.

The Stanley’s quickly grew a waiting list peaking at 15,000 names of people that wanted to buy their oil. Due to a high volume of public demand, the F.D.A. quickly began clinical trials of GW Pharmaceuticals’ 98 percent CBD drug, Epidiolex.

Thus launching CBD into the limelight and opening up the gates for Jeff to be able to market and sell his product a lot easier. He now had an audience that needed his help.

He launched MHR Brands in 2013, which is a hemp retail store that offers brands such as Tasty Hemp Oil, Alternative Vape, and US Hemp Wholesale.

Jeff established his own CBD company, Made by Hemp shortly after launching MHR Brands, and then added Made by Hemp Co. to the list of retailers offered by MHR Brands.

Made by Hemp has been an industry leader in producing CBD and hemp products and working with retailers to help offer quality CBD products to customers worldwide ever since.

Each product offered on their site, no matter if it is one they created or another retailer is offering, has been third-party lab-tested by two other labs located out of state (they are in Michigan) and in-house lab tested.

After all of that rigorous lab testing, the employees of Made by Hemp Co. taste test every single product offered by MHR Brands. Ensuring that each one is what they say, the employees check for flavor, potency effectiveness, and uniqueness.

No bad products slip through with these tests, that’s for sure.

But Made by Hemp Co. doesn’t stop there, even after the lab tests and them trying each product and ultimately agreeing to sell it, the customer has the final say as to whether the product will stay on their site. They encourage feedback by asking for reviews on each product, so they can ensure happy customers. In the end, it is all about customer satisfaction, without that you have nothing.

Made by Hemp Co. is not just out for making profits either, helping others is their #1 priority. They give back to the community by donating time and money to several charities, including but not limited to Gilda’s Club GR, Junior Achievement GR, Roanoke Ranch for Kids, Realm of Caring, and the Boys and Girls Club.

Having such a fabulous mission, taking such care to make sure each product offered is of the highest quality, and giving so much back to the community are all great reasons to buy from Made by Hemp Co.

I know I intend on helping to support this company and I hope you do too. Here is a special offer for new customers:

Made by Hemp Co. Free T-Shirt offer with first $100 order
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Made by Hemp Co. has a decent return and refund policy, below are their terms, you can find more information under their Privacy and Legal tab at the bottom of the page.

Cancelation/Refund Policy

We sell various products and we take the quality of them very seriously. Due to the nature of these products, there are limitations to what can be returned. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may request a full refund of the purchase price within 30 days of the purchase date. We try to be generous with this refund policy, however, there are some exceptions. Orders containing a 10-gram tube of our pure concentrate oils or 4+ of the same product are not eligible for a refund as we consider bulk orders to mean you have already tried and are comfortable with that product. On orders that are eligible for a refund, the customer may be required to return the product and must pay for the return shipping. If you have any questions please contact us at with any questions.

Made By Hemp is not responsible and will not issue refunds for any lost or stolen goods. Made By Hemp is also not responsible and will not issue refunds for international shipments that are lost or taken by customs.

Secret Nature CBD

The Best CBD Bundle
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My first encounter with Secret Nature CBD was at a dispensary in Bend, Oregon, called Dr. Jollies. Their logo actually caught my eye first, and of course, I had to ask the budtender more about them. Unfortunately, the budtender did not have a lot of information for me, this did not stop me from buying the vape cartridge I was looking at.

My boyfriend disagreed, he said I should buy something else, well when I want something, I am very hard-headed, to say the least, and I buy what I want.

When we got home and tried it, he quickly apologized and told me what a good find I had made. We both felt instant relief from our nagging pain and we loved the flavor. He loves Jack Herer Marijuana, and the flavor of this cartridge was very similar.

He was shocked to learn that I bought it mostly for the logo. Yeah of course the CBD levels had something to do with it, but that logo really got me. Sometimes my artistic eye pays off, what can I say?

I bought a 1 gram cartridge of Lemon Diesel, the flavor was top-notch and it was super smooth too. I generally prefer flower or dabs, but this vape cartridge was special and I sure did like it a lot.

Normally I take CBD for pain management, which this vape did, but it also calmed me better than most. I don’t have very much anxiety, but I am fairly hyperactive, this slowed me down a touch, not physically but mentally, and just enough for better concentration.

I remember thinking, man I still have loads of energy, and I am super focused and my pain was minimal. Now, seriously, who couldn’t use a dose of that feeling daily?

Being able to pass this company’s products along is seriously my pleasure. I can only hope that their CBD works as well for you as it does for me.

Pick your favorite vape flavor today!

I prefer the energizing Sativa strain with a slower onset, Lemon Diesel, it has a balanced flavor profile consisting of lemon, gas, and sours. A Perfect CBD substitute for anyone who loves classic THC strains like Jack Herer or Lemon OG, users report it is a great option for daytime or nighttime, depending on the desired mental state.

  • Sativa – Uplifting
  • True Full Spectrum
  • Real Cannabis Terpenes

I paid more for my CBD in the dispensary than online honestly. I always get a better deal online. I can hardly wait for Marijuana to be legalized just like hemp, across all 50 states, finding great deals on Marijuana will be one of the highlights of my day.

Secret Nature is on the mission to make people feel better every day, they say that the secret is FEELING. Being in the business for over 10 years, they have studied why people are taking CBD and how it has been helping them, thus helping them to fulfill their mission one order at a time.

Their hemp is grown indoors with organic living soil, this is basically soil with lots of added natural nutrition from fermented compost. I found a great article in Mother Earth News about it that contains everything you would want to know about living soil.

Growing indoors does not mean that they are stress-free from pests and other common grow issues. It does, however, mean that they have to be very diligent with their growing process, and Secret Nature has it down to a science. They have been growing and cultivating cannabis products in California for well over 10 years, going on 20 now.

Some people say that flower that is grown outdoors is better than flower grown indoors. In some cases that may very well be true. But when you are an expert in the field of growing cannabis, I think you can successfully grow either indoors or outdoors.

I would say that almost 20 years of growing cannabis would make you an expert in the field. So Secret Nature is not losing quality by growing indoors, as they have such qualifications.

After harvest, the plants are properly dried and cold cured, which is optimum for producing quality flower strains and extracts. This also provides the smoothest and most flavorful smoking experience.

True full-spectrum cannabis products provide real relief for many people. Secret Natures’ flowers & extracts are grown to have high levels of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes. Enabling them to provide you with the ultimate entourage effect and the best experience.

Secret Nature offers vapes and concentrates, flower and pre-rolls, oils and tinctures, and Delta 8 products as well. Pretty much all the usual products offered by most CBD companies.

You can relieve your mental and physical ailments, and enhance your lifestyle. Find out why Secret Nature has over 30,000 five-star reviews for yourself. Order yours today and you may find yourself writing the next five-star review.

Their products truly speak for themselves.
A Note From Secret Nature CBD

We provide Artisan CBD Flowers & Extracts. 100% Organic. Ultra Premium Plant Spirits.

Our products are not approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illnesses. All products are compliant with the US Farm Bill and under 0.3% THC.

Secret Nature’s return and refund policy are listed on their “Shipping and Returns” tab at the bottom of their site. Below are their return and refund policies, for more information you can read the full policy on their site.

You may only return unopened products within 30 days of delivery for a full refund or exchange, however, we do ask that you pay shipping for these returns. If the return is a result of our error, such as if you receive an incorrect or defective product, you will receive a full refund for the item as well as shipping costs. 

You should expect to receive your refund within four weeks of giving your package to the return shipper; however, you will receive your money much more quickly in many cases. This time period allows for the transit time for us to receive your return from the shipper (5 to 10 business days), the time it takes us to process your return once we receive it (3 to 5 business days), as well as the time it takes your bank to process our refund request (5 to 10 business days).
If for any reason you do not receive your refund after 14 days, please contact us at and let us know. We will do everything in our power to resolve the issue immediately! 

Pinnacle Hemp CBD

Let me start with the Lacey Family’s story, after all, it is why and how Pinnacle Hemp CBD was created. To sum it up in one sentence; Pinnacle Hemp was created by a father, Kevin Lacey, trying to help his daughter, Kenzie quit taking unnecessary pharmaceutical drugs.

Kenzie started having seizures around the age of 9 and was diagnosed with complex partial epilepsy. Kenzie went through multiple seizure medications until they finally found one that seemed to work a little. But there were side effects that came along with all these seizure medications that required Kenzie to also be prescribed ADHD medication.

This is when Kevin and Jessica saw a huge change in their normally outgoing and charismatic daughter. She had become quiet and emotionless and had lost her self-esteem. She told her father that she was feeling insecure about having to take medications to feel okay.

Kevin and Jessica discussed what could be done to help their daughter. They both decided to research cannabis and its effects on epilepsy. Their findings were all positive, but they not only live in Missouri, where marijuana is illegal, but their daughter was just a child. They didn’t want to be getting her high, let alone get her high and send her to school, regardless of the benefits.

That was when Kevin came across the fact that CBD made from hemp also offered many health benefits, and was legal in all 50 states. Kevin went straight to a store he had seen it for sale and bought a batch and tried it on Kenzie. The results were not what he was expecting after reading so many success stories.

After several failed attempts with CBD and endless conversations with “experts”, Kevin was about to give up on CBD and call it a hoax. Then he met the most important person, a guy that really knew what he was talking about and taught Kevin all he needed to know about Full Spectrum CBD.

That was the missing component Full Spectrum CBD, Kevin had been buying isolate CBD which is what is offered at most grocery stores and gas stations. Isolate CBD is great for what it is meant to be used for, which is not the treatment of epilepsy.

After learning from his “hemp guru” and continued research on hemp, Kevin knew it was time. He found the right farmer with the right genetics and the best extraction method and boom he created an amazing product that has so much to offer beyond epilepsy treatment.

Upon giving this Full Spectrum top-grade CBD to Kenzie, in no time at all she was off the ADHD medications and then weaned off the epilepsy medication as well. Kevin and Jessica welcomed their daughter’s loud rambunctious teenage attitude with open arms, happy to have their daughter back. Kenzie has been seizure-free for over three years now.

Kevin could have stopped there and kept this secret formula to himself, solely for his daughter, instead, he chose to share his formula with anyone that cares to feel the power of Full Spectrum CBD. Thus was the birth of Pinnacle CBD.

Now here is even a more selfless act from Kevin. He understands that not everyone can afford quality CBD due to tight financial struggles. He offers an assistance program for low-income, people with disabilities, and military personnel. He doesn’t want income to stop anyone from being able to feel better from his Full Spectrum CBD.

Once approved for the discounts, they are added straight to your cart for each and every order, hassle-free.

Pinnacle Hemp offers a rewards program as well with various ways to earn points that can be redeemed for products. Creating your account is the first 300 points you earn, then to earn more you can like them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram. The easiest way of all to earn points is to have a birthday this earns you 500 points.

Pinnacle gives you a referral link to share with friends as part of the rewards program as well, if they make a purchase, they get $20 off their order and so do you.

What started as a crusade to help his daughter has turned into an award-winning CBD company. Pinnacle has placed in first place at the Hemp Cup sponsored by High Times Magazine. and plans to hold that title for as long as possible. Each year the competition gets tougher, keeping Kevin and his group of employees on their A-game at all times.

I came across Pinnacle Hemp CBD in a dispensary in Colorado called Nature’s Medicine, being one of their newest products at the time, their knowledge was scarce but helpful at the same time.

That was back when CBD first started hitting stores in Colorado, I bought the popular brand of CBD back then, Charlotte’s Web, I am not sure if it is still offered by them, but it is one of the strains used to help combat epilepsy. I do not have epilepsy of any kind, I bought the strain for its relaxing qualities, I am very hyperactive.

The strain worked very well and had an earthy tone to it, not really comparable to any marijuana. The boyfriend and I bought a few batches of it before our venture to Oregon.

After our break-up and my move to Arizona, I came across Pinnacle Hemp CBD online and remembered being very satisfied with my in-store purchase. I definitely plan to buy from them again, I have them bookmarked for sure.

They handle refunds and returns through their Terms of Service page, below is the refund and return policy and how to hand shipping issues as well.

All cancellations for refund will need to be approved by contacting or calling

833.436.7283. Attempts to cancel after the item has been shipped will be decided by Pinnacle Hemp on a case-by-case basis. All refunds need approval by a customer service representative. We are happy to correct manufacturing defects or fix shipping errors on a case-by-case basis. Shipping protection is available to cover any items that are lost/stolen, or damaged upon arrival.

All expedited shipping options represent the time your package should be delivered once it has shipped from warehouses. Expedited shipping does not guarantee next-day or 2 day delivery from the time of purchase. Any customers who paid for an expedited shipping option and are not satisfied with their package’s delivery time need to contact via customer support inbox,, or by phone at 833.436.7283. Shipping charges may be refunded if the order has not been shipped and the order will be designated to ship via standard ground shipping times. For all orders that have already been shipped, the refund will need to be approved by a supervisor at

Five Wonderful CBD Companies To Keep On Hand

There are a lot of great CBD companies that I have not mentioned, but I can only shop so much at a time and be able to give quality reviews. I don’t want to steer someone in the wrong direction because I didn’t do enough research. Research is key to buying quality products of any kind.

The best way to get to know a company is to browse around on their site, read their about page, blogs, and reviews, and definitely check out their social media pages. This is where I look for the start of my trust with any company. The products are an extension of who is behind them.

On each site, I watch any videos, read everything I can find that provides information about them, and then I decide whether I want to buy from them. My standards are high, I care a lot about what I put in and on my body.

Each of the above-mentioned companies has its own great mission, outstanding reputations and products, and the goal to educate anyone that cares to learn more about hemp and CBD. While they are in competition with each other, I am not pitting them against each other, they are all great in my opinion.

Tommy Chong’s mission is to help people with cancer get through their cancer treatments and live a better quality of life. He doesn’t limit his product to cancer patients by any means, he encourages everyone to try it. His hopes are that those who try it feel better like he does at 80 plus years old.

The mission for Top Shelf is to make top-quality CBD flower and concentrates. They know the benefits of CBD and they want to grow the absolute best flower for both smokable hemp flower and hemp for making concentrates. They want their products on the market and will sell them to individuals, wholesale, drop shipping, white-label, and they have an affiliate program.

Made by Hemp Co.’s mission is to help people get off prescription medications and get their lives back. The founder, Jeff Gallagher, found CBD to be a great help with getting off pharmaceuticals and hopes to help many more do the same. His staff shares his same commitment to each customer with providing quality products that help, they will make sure you order what you need if you seek guidance. It’s not just about the sale.

Secret Nature’s mission is to produce top-quality hemp CBD to help people all over feel better every day. They study why and how people are taking CBD so they are better able to help in many ways. Also, knowing that CBD has the potential to help so many people that have different problems, makes this is not such a bold statement for a mission.

Pinnacle Hemp CBD’s mission is a heart-touching one, a father’s search for a CBD that could help get his epileptic teenage daughter off pharmaceuticals that were deteriorating her personality and self-esteem. He stumbled across a true award-winning growing technique and product recipe, his company has taken first place in the hemp cup sponsored by High Times Magazine. But for Kevin, Jessica, and Kenzie, the best part was that her dad succeeded and she is free from the drugs that were destroying her personality and life.

I stand behind each of these companies and their products, I have used most of them and they all have worked wonderfully for me. As we all know CBD affects everyone differently, as we are all just as different as we are similar.

I use CBD for managing pain due to my arthritis and tendonitis, and  pain from pinched nerves in my back. The benefits that come along with are pretty dang sweet as well.

My overly excitable personality can be overwhelming for some people, so having that calmed down has really been a bonus. And getting a great nights sleep has been a great bonus as well.

I use topicals for pain as well and most of the creams leave my skin feeling soft and rejuvanated. I never did like the way Icy Hot left my skin feeling, almost like a hangover. I don’t have that issue at all with CBD creams.

As I stated before, CBD affects everyone differently, please feel free to leave a comment below on your experiences with CBD.

As always, thank you for visiting my site and reading my review. I hope you have found some answers here today.

Stacie Fortson


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8 thoughts on “Five of The Top CBD Companies You Can Trust

  1. I have been researching the use of CBD for insomnia and sleep problems, so found this post very interesting. I am surprised to see that you have been smoking marijuana, before taking up using CBD, as marijuana is illegal in most of the countries that I know of. And CBD products are only legal if it contains less than 0.3% THC, so it would be helpful to cover the legal aspects of CBD in the post. 

    I have not come across any of the brands that you mention, so will check them out to see if they use organic CBD. Thank you for making me aware of these brands. 

    1. LineCrowley,

      I am glad you found my review helpful and thank you for visiting my site and reading my article. 

      CBD has helped many with insomnia, the Tommy Chong’s Sweet Dreams is made from 100% organic hemp and is probably the best one for helping with sleep problems. 

      As far as my marijuana use, I have lived in many US states where it is legal, and to be honest, I did use it before it was legal. I have no issues with being honest.

      As far as I am aware, CBD is legal in all 50 US states, Marijuana is not, I believe there are still about 10-13 states that have not legalized marijuana for either medical or recreational uses.

      You will find that all the brands I have recommended are made from 100% organic hemp. Happy shopping!


  2. CBD oils have helped me with the quick healing of my wounds and pain relief. I find it easier to use than conventional medicine. I appreciate your testimony on how CBD has helped you improve your memory and increase your energy level. The advantages of taking CBD are immeasurable. Thank you for coming up with verified CBD companies

    1. Parameter,

      Thank you for stopping by and reading my article. 

      I agree CBD has so many beneficial results from taking it and using it topically. The longer you take CBD the more it helps too honestly, it’s like a biochemical rebuild for the system.

      I hope you found a company to add to your shopping list.


  3. Hay ! Thanks for the great information on CBD it’s very interesting. 
    I have used both cannabis and CBD in the past and reading the article made me realise I definitely don’t know it all and there’s plenty of learning material in your page which is great!

    I’ll definitely come back and read this over again! Thanks Tigan 

    1. Tigan,

      I am very happy that you found my article helpful, and plan to return for more information.

      I would like to stress that hemp is about more than just CBD, hemp is a plant that can help save our planet. I have several articles on the topic, follow the provided link, and please feel free to read and tour around some more.


      HEMP: The Overlooked Renewable Resource and Much More

  4. Many thanks for this valuable and comprehensive post about top CBD Companies. In fact, I have heard that CBD wine relieves a lot of pain. It was confirmed to me by your post. But I have never used these. Your post made me want to try them. And thank you very much for this top recommendation. Keep posting like this.

    1. Pasindu,

      Thank you very much for visiting my site, I am glad that my article was helpful and contained enough information for you to make an informed decision about using CBD. 

      I will definitely review more CBD brands and I plan to promote more hemp items such as clothing, paper, and more so come back to see what more I have.

      Stacie Fortson

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