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The goal of Go Green With Hemp is to promote all the products associated with hemp, not just the CBD Oils. There are way too many wonderful products that can be made to only focus on one.

These products are all environmentally safe, some are made for humans and animals to consume as food and medicine, while others are usable items and products. This plant is not just “another” go green alternative, it is “The Go To” green planet saver.

Industrial hemp is a renewable resource that is not being utilized like it should. From before 1776 until about 1940 it was grown and utilized in the United States. Hemp was brought with the settlers to grow for England, then after the War of Independence, the colonist continued to grow it for the United States.

In those days it was mandatory to grow hemp on every farm and you could pay your taxes with it as well. It was used to make all the ropes and sails on the battleships, as well as clothes, paper, lamp oil, medicine and more. Hemp was being used as it should be versus barely being utilized at all, like now.

Growing Industrial Hemp Is Easy

Hemp grows very fast just like a weed maybe faster than some of those too, its only like 120 days from seed to harvest. And it will grow practically anywhere. Requiring very little care if any when properly planted, just water it once in a while if it hasn’t rained, and pray for sunny days. It can be replanted in the same field repeatedly, as long as you add fertilizer once a year to replace any nutrients to the soil, any crop field would require this as well. Most crops you cannot grow consecutively as you can hemp.

As for when to harvest, I am sure that depends on what you are growing your hemp for. If you are growing for making fiber, you do not want your plants to flower, so you will harvest sooner. If you are growing for CBD Oils, you want to let your plants flower or if you are growing for seeds you will let your plants go to seed, you will wait the 120 days. Seeds come from the male plants and the females grow the flowers, so that is why it is the same amount of time for both, same plant type but a different sex.

You don’t have to use pesticides because not many bugs are really attracted to hemp. That’s a huge bonus in my opinion!!

The List of Products That Can Be Made Is Staggering

There are said to be well over 25,000 products that can be made from industrial hemp, all of which are biodegradable. I could list them all but I am not going to because that is just way too much for one article. I am going to mention a few at least.

It is hard to decide where to start, there are so many.

Health and beauty products of all sorts including lotions, soaps, shampoos & conditioners, and much more. House hold detergents can also be made from hemp.

Anything you can make from common fabrics that you find in stores like, cotton and rayon, you can make from hemp as well. Fabric made from hemp is softer and more durable than cotton as well. The fibers are strong enough to make carpets, rope, and sails as well.

By far the most shocking for me to find out is that plastics can be made from hemp fibers. Totally recyclable and biodegradable plastics, I think it ridiculous that we are not using industrial hemp, and this proves it.

Also, the car body made completely from hemp, that was pretty mind blowing. And it is said to be very resilient to weather and damage. Then there is the fact that bio diesel fuel and ethanol fuel can both be made from hemp to power your “hemp body” vehicle. Both are better than the alternatives, and better for the environment.

Don’t get me started on paper. Boy this one fires me up! Not only is hemp paper better quality than wood pulp paper, it has a better recycling ability as well. Most importantly no trees are involved in making it! Hemp regenerates at a much faster rate than trees and supplies 4 times the amount of paper than trees per acre. Any paper product can be made from hemp fibers from toilet tissue to cardboard boxes.

So many trees are cut every day that don’t need to be, we have lost irreplaceable much-needed echo systems around the world due to clear cutting projects.

What an atrocity!

The Medical Benefits Being Researched

Wow a medicine too! It is definitely being researched in many areas, as this plant has been found to be able to affect almost every biological event in the human body and possibly animals as well.

Studies are being done on a number of these events such as; anxiety disorders, epilepsy and seizure disorders, fears and phobias, pain and inflammation, chronic inflammation and autoimmune disease, and affects on many types of cancer.

That is profoundly amazing to me.

Environmentally Safe All The Way Around

So lets see, every single product is environmentally friendly in all ways. That means no matter how we utilize this plant we will not harm the planet in any way that has been mentioned.

This is possibly the safest and most usable “green” product on the market, and no one really cared to know much about it until recently. That’s a very bad secret to keep! This should have been shouted from the roof tops!

This is a huge injustice to the WORLD!

Industrial Hemp Is The Way To Go

Our fore-fathers were so right to make it mandatory to grow hemp. They knew back then that hemp was the way to go. Big money corporations won out over what was better for mankind and the planet.

However, it is not too late. We can stop clear cutting trees, and stop pumping crude oil from the ground and plant hemp nationwide, and in a fairly short amount of time, we would start seeing the benefits. I don’t think it would take very long. The planet needs time to heal from the mistakes allowed, and we need to give it a break!

With this plant being so very easy to grow and all the super wonderful environmentally friendly products that can be made from it, industrial hemp is the way to go in my opinion.

How this plant was allowed to lose its glorious reputation is beyond me!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Stacie Fortson

Go Green With Hemp

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