Hemp Can Completely Replace Petroleum, Here’s How

Rush Hour Traffic
Rush Hour Traffic

With our country having well over 30 million miles of roads to drive on, and the amount of people we have driving on them; we should be thinking about how Industrial Hemp can replace petroleum.

We all know, or should know by now, that the petroleum fuels are very harmful to our environment, and our own health. Which leads me to wondering why we as consumers have not demanded a safer fuel by now.

The technology for making bio fuels is not new at all. As a matter of fact, the very first diesel engine invented by Rudolf Diesel was made to run on peanut oil that he made as well. He displayed his invention at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900, that’s well over 100 years ago people!

Instead of using fuels made of vegetables, we somehow ended up with petroleum based fuel instead. Big money in the wrong hands can create very evil things is all I can say.

That being said, we should take a look at what types of fuel can be created using Industrial Hemp. Also, we should consider how safe they are to store and the effects of the emissions put off by using them. All of this will be covered in this article.

Hemp Diesel Really?

Yes you can make diesel fuel from hemp just like any vegetable or nut. I am not a scientist at all, but I don’t have to be to say that we should be using a renewable resource that is non-invasive to our planet, to make our fuel from.

Biodiesel is the only type of alternative fuel that can run conventional, unmodified diesel engines without creating issues.

It is just as biodegradable as sugar and less toxic than salt, so it can be stored anywhere and is very safe to transport. Petroleum fuels cannot make these claims. The flash point for this fuel is 300 degrees versus petroleum’s 125 degree flash point.

This fuel is 11% oxygen by weight and has absolutely no sulfur in it. Using this fuel can extend the life of your diesel engine because it is more lubricating than it’s petroleum counter part.

I was surprised to find out that you can just dump hemp oil into your diesel tank, just the way it comes from the press. I would have thought there had to be more processing involved.

Hemp Oil
Hemp Oil

I got my information from Cannopy Corporation (changed ownership), they are a company that is dedicated to developing Industrial Hemp in all aspects. They are involved with developing hemp in many ways including foods, bio fuels, plastics, construction materials, and phyto chemicals studies and productions.

Ethanol Made of Hemp Too!

While the biodiesel is made from the seed of the plant, ethanol is made from the stalk fermenting. Through gasification, acid hydrolysis, and enzyme processes hemp can be made into ethanol and methanol. Yeah that’s a mouth full for me to, say it ten times real fast.

Ethanol Currently at Gas Stations
Ethanol Currently at Gas Stations

All joking aside, this fuel is a wonderful replacement for ethanol. You will not need to modify your vehicles gas engine at all to use it either.

Hemp beats out corn in making methanol, it can make 10x more than corn, corn is the leader in bio fuels right now, but Industrial Hemp is a much better source, and can be grown without the use of pesticides. This is good news to our poor honey bees that are dying off at rapid rates due to pesticides.

We all know that the petroleum fuels are putting carbon monoxide into our air at rapid rates. Well Bio fuels like Industrial Hemp, help to maintain the natural balance of the earth’s natural 02 andCO2 levels.

With the new laws being passed legalizing the use of Indutrial Hemp, in turn it gives the right to grow hemp back to the American farmers. Industrial Hemp could very well become the new fuel of the world. Not to mention all the other products that can be made with this wonderful plant.

Lamp Oils

Using oil lamps is an old school thing of course, but did you know that hemp seed oil can be used as lamp oil as well. Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States was drafted on hemp paper, and more than likely the oil used to fuel the lamp for light was hemp oil.

Oil Lamps
Oil Lamps

It is said to illuminate a room better than any other lamp oil. And the cook off is probably a lot more pleasant than other oils as well. Used with a hemp wick it was probably a cleaner burning combination than what is used now.

My mom used oil lamps when I was a kid, she kept them around for the power outages and what not. I have no clue what was in the oils we burned freely in our living room and bedrooms, I can bet you my whole paycheck that it was not hemp oil! And we did not have the hemp wicks either. I do know that when set close to a wall, the smoke turned the walls black.


I have been searching for a motor oil made from hemp seed and so far I have not found one. I keep getting turned back to the bio diesel. Hemp Oil is said to be more lubricating in the engine than petroleum fuels. I will keep up my search on this one.

Okay, so we are all adults here, did you know that they are making lubrication for sex from hemp seed oil. Apparently this has been in practice for some time now, in past years it was combined with animal fat to create sexual lubricants. Honestly I had no clue what-so-ever.

The reviews I read say it is slippery, and does not get that sticky feeling that other lubricants leave you with. Rather, it leaves your skin smooth and almost silky, with no odors to mingle with our natural aroma.

Then there are the health and beauty lotions and oils made from hemp as well. These lotions claim to not only soften the skin, but also to be a naturally anti-aging agent as well.

As to which, this I can say, I love my hemp lotion and after shower/bath oil. I get compliments on how young I look all the time. I am 45 years young and very proud of every year of it! Most women are ashamed or embarrassed of their age, NOT ME!

Hemp Really Can Do Everything Petroleum Can But Better!

Yes it can and more!

Industrial Hemp can be used in every single aspect of our lives, that is how versatile hemp is. It can do everything that wood, cotton, and petroleum can do combined.

Russian Hemp Field
Russian Hemp Field

It is beginning to make so much sense as to why the competitors felt the need to shut down the growth and production of Industrial Hemp. Hemp was just to well know, too reliable and renewable, and had way too many uses for them to compete with.

Thank heavens times are changing! People across the world are starting to see through the lies we have been blinded with for so many years. The world being told that hemp and marijuana are dangerous to our society and mankind as a whole, that’s just the biggest crock I have ever heard!

Whereas these competitors of Industrial Hemp, used lies and fear to get the public to stop using Industrial Hemp, I want to persuade people to use Industrial Hemp with the truth. I do my research to find facts.

One fact that I have found is that the 100% hemp car supposedly built by Henry Ford isn’t quite all the stories claim. Firstly it is not 100% hemp, there are many other materials that were used as well, and the car was never finished.

Not saying anything bad here, I just don’t want people to be mislead. I want people to make a clear and honest decision about using Industrial Hemp, not one filled with myths and lies.

In recent times there has been a car body that is made of 100% hemp, that also runs on hemp fuel. Jay Leno drove it on his show “Jay Leno’s Garage”. This car body is said to be more durable than any car on the market today, and lighter as well.

This vehicle was made by Bruce Dietzen a retired Dell executive. Bruce created this car in 2017 and named it Renew. Bruce was inspired by Ford’s hemp vehicle creation, and took it a step further, he drives his.

I am fascinated with every search that I do on Industrial Hemp and it’s uses. I encourage everyone to do some research on this topic. I am sure you will be quite stunned as to what you find as well.

Highland Hemp House finished hempcrete
Highland Hemp House finished hempcrete

I would love to hear what you think on this topic, and the general theme of my page. Please feel free to enter a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you as always.

Stacie Fortson

Go Green With Hemp


    1. Uncle Dave,
      Thank you for the link! Awesome site, normally I do not allow links in my comments, but that one I 100% approve of. Helping spread awareness is half the battle for sure.

      Stacie Fortson, GGWHSF

  1. My question is how much hemp would be required to replace petroleum in all its uses? How much agricultural land would be required to produce all the hemp needed to replace petroleum? How much would it cost to retool manufacturing plants to produce products with hemp that are now tooled to make products with petroleum?

    1. Russell,

      I love your questions!! Thank you so much!!
      So it would take about 22.6% of US farmland based on the Farm Service Agency, August 1, 2019 data, I am actively looking for the cost of switching over, which I am guessing since we have biofuel plants in place this would not be as much as most would think, But the cost to consumers, in the end, is also important. https://returntonow.net/2021/09/19/hemp-ethanol-could-replace-gas-at-a-quarter-of-the-price-biofuel-expert-claims/ This article points out that it would be much more cost-effective for the consumer in the end.
      With all this being said, if we make our own hemp fuel and grow our own hemp to do it, not only do we get hemp fuel, but all the benefits of just growing hemp. Hemp farms are being discovered to improve soil and air conditions. You have inspired my next article, Russell, thank you so much.

      Please keep an eye out for my next article.

      Stacie Fortson, GGWHSF

  2. Thanks for that great article, I had no idea that Hemp had so many uses, especially petroleum products. I think you might have the solution to the world’s energy problems. Why isn’t it more widely used is my question. The only answer I can think of is that the oil companies will be doing everything they can to keep this quiet like they have with other fuel sources over the years. 

    This needs as much publicity as possible, so it’s good that you are building this website to get information out there. Thanks for educating me on this. Great work.

    1. Greg,

      Much obliged! I feel that this is a very mportant topic and I wish I could shout it from the froof tops! 

      I am glad I could help inform you about the possiblities with hemp. This plant is really a super plant for sure. You will be surprised to find out that until the late 1930’s hemp was widely used by the whole world! 

      Almost all paper and a lot of fabrics were made from hemp. Hemp fuel was created to run the very first diesel engine invented by Rudolf Diesel. We never needed fossil fuels in the first place! That’s a slap in the face for most people right there.

      Then there was the big oil companies that were emerging, and cotton was being introduced and other synthectic fibers as well, and hemp was too well known and trusted by the average person. So they linked it with marijuana during the drug wars and it got such a bad reputation and became illegal as well. 

      Now we are trying to turn the tides and make this plant a super power again!

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article and I am glad it was educational.

      Stacie Fortson

  3. Stacie the title of your post got me in immediately. Like you I am very mindful of our use of petroleum, a finite resource and am also amazed that alternative technologies haven’t been given the appropriate attention they deserve. 

    I guess the current convenience of petroleum is a big reason why we en masse are not challenging the current status quo. We live in a fast world with technology increasing the pace and so I think perhaps, the majority of people are just so busy just keeping up with life. This is no excuse however. But I am optimistic, my son is 11 and he is actively talking, researching and discussing alternative energies and showing me how much is beginning to become available. I will most definitely bookmark this page to share with him. He has a science brain so I look forward to he researching, as you suggest on more about hemp and how it can replace petroleum. After all, the latter will run out one day.

    1. Fleur Allen,

      Thank you so much reading and understanding the urgency of this article. I hopw it catches on like wild fire! 

      I totally agree with people being too caught up in life to realize what is happening with our environment. And I agree that it is no excuse. With the newer generations wanting everything fast and all, this should catch on, it is one of the quickest and easiest fixes to implement. 

      We just need the scientist brains like your son too come up with the very best ways to process this plant on a mass scale, and not compromise it’s natural quality. 

      Right now the growing and processing are still being done on a smaller scale than what will be required. The switch can be made, it will just take some work. And would create jobs nation wide!

      I am glad that you are going to share this with your son, and I hope he is one of the brainiacs that we need to get us moving in the right direction! He may only be 11, but that does not mean he cannot come up with genius ideas!

      Keep me informed on what he comes up with! 

      Stacie Fortson

  4. Wow, that is a very inspiring post. I want to go hemp all around now haha. But seriously, this just seems to be such a great alternative, not just for fuel, but for so many different areas of life. 

    I’m wondering how much hemp fuel would be compared to normal fuel? Surely it can’t be more expensive? And the emissions should be less toxic as well?

    1. Petra,

      We should all go hemp for sure! 🙂 

      If we did we would save countles acres of trees every day from being horrifically clear cut, and there would be no need for the mass crude oil drilling that is dangerous to our environment on its own let alone the toxic by products that come from using it!

      It is cheaper to grow and produce hemp diesel by a large fraction compared to our current fossil fuel production. And yes, it is much cleaner to use the hemp diesel. Also, growing the hemp on such a large scale that will be needed will create more oxygen in our air, this helps turn around the Greenhouse Effect rather quickly as well.

      Thank you for your interest, and please do shop for hemp products whenever possible! 

      Stacie Fortson

  5. Could hemp completely replacing petroleum is a great article to me.

    Never knew him had so many properties such as lamps oils. And my favorite a lubricant for sex. I am like you who would have ever thought hemp could feel so good. This article is very informative on help and it’s petroleum like characteristics.

    Thank you for such a great article I appreciate all the information.

    1. Quinn,

      I am so glad that you found my article helpful and infomative! 

      If you like the atributes of hemp oil for sex, just wait till you read the article I have planned for hair care products! You will be amazed as to what hemp oil in hair care and skin care products does for their appearance and overall health!

      Hemp is one of those plants that other companies never wanted you to know about, because it has so many uses and is so very good for you too!! 

      I hope the whole world starts using hemp in one form or another!

      Check back for more interesting articles!

      Stacie Fortson

  6. Chris,

    I am sure that you are not the only person that has not heard that hemp can be used for fuel.

    As far as hemp fuel being more environmentally friendly, it is by far. It has a double whammy on being good for the environment. When we start using this fuel in our vehicles, the emmissoins from this fuel can reduce the greenhouse effect by 37%. But here is the real kicker, when we begin to grow the hemp for fuel at a massive rate, it will bring the C02 levels lower and maintain them there.

    The cost of production is a fraction of what it currently cost to make our fuel from pertroleum and coal. We can use hemp to power our vehicles and our houses.

    Not only is this good for the environment, it will be good for our economy as well. When we begin growing hemp on a mass scale, there will be new jobs created nation wide.

    The use of this plant could change our very future.

    Thank you for your input on this topic.

    Stacie Fortson

  7. I was aware that hemp had numerous paper and cotton/material uses but I had no idea that it was being tested (or even used) as a form of Petroleum.

    My first thought on the subject would be whether or not it is more environmentally friendly as a form of fuel – it must be really when you think of it, being plant based?

    My second thought is the low cost of the base material for this Petroleum – depending on the process of breaking it down, I’m sure it’s probably quite a cheap thing to do? What are your thoughts on this?

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