HEMP: The Overlooked Renewable Resource and Much More

Industrial Hemp Female Flower Close-Up
Industrial Hemp Female Flower Close-Up

I strongly support the use of CBD oils and other hemp products. I hope more are invented or discovered as this is one of the finest fully usable plants I have seen.

For years hemp has been overlooked as a renewable resource, this is partly to do with its relative “Cannabis”. There is a huge difference between the two, cannabis contains a higher amount of THC, whereas hemp does not contain high amounts of THC, it has other cannabinoids to go along with the CBD that are very beneficial as well.

There are so many uses from cooking and medicinal to health and beauty, fuel and plastic, fabrics and textiles. This plant really does it all, there is not much that it cannot be used for.

Food, Health, and Beauty products

Beauty Products
Beauty Products

There are so many health and beauty products that are made with hemp, there are some wonderful shampoos & conditioners, body soaps, make-up, and sunscreen, protein shakes and more.

The protein shakes are high in healthy plant fat and protein and is rich in flavor. As for the skin and hair care products you have to find which one suits you best each person has their own level of moisture needs and fragrance desires,

I go for earthy aromas, you may like floral aromas, my skin is fairly dry, yours may be oily, so you have to shop around to find the suitable product just as with any personal hygiene product.

These are all quality products, as with any product you should check the ingredients for anything that you are allergic to that could be and included on the list.

Hemp Oil Topical
Hemp Oil Topical

Oh and not to mention the medicinal CBD oil. Scientist are discovering new medicinal values all the time concerning the CBD oil helping with illnesses including cancer. You should always consult with your physician before making any health care decisions.

Fabrics and Textiles

Textile Variety
Textile Variety

Clothing made of hemp fibers can be found in a variety of fashions these days, no more looking like the tweed jacket got out of control. You can also accessorize with handbags, shoes and jewelry as well.

You can decorate your home with drapes, furniture covering, bedding, and table cloths as well. If you can make it from cotton you can make it from hemp as well.

Paper can be made from hemp and it holds up better than paper made from wood and it takes a lot longer for trees to grow back, thus making hemp the superior paper product.

Building Materials

Press Board
Press Board

Yes hemp can also be used for construction materials as well. The fibers can be pressed the same as wood fibers for making particle board, and the hemp particle board is going to be significantly stronger than the one constructed of wood chips and fibers.

There is also a product that is similar to concrete from what I understand it is very durable as well, it’s made of shredded hemp fibers and processed then you add water and that’s it.

There has been a car that the body is comprised solely of hemp, which I find quite amazing. So you can build structures and vehicles with it.

It also makes a wonderful plastic that is a lot safer than what we currently use, and it has been used to make bio-fuel as well.

Wildly Renewable

For years it has been overlooked as a renewable resource. This is one fast growing plant, it can be harvested up to three or more times in a year depending on climate and such. It literally grows like a weed. Not only does it grow like a weed, it does not rob nutrients from the soil and can be planted repeatedly in the same field and only show beneficial results. Light water and very little attention is all this plant requires to create its magic.


Earth's Horizon from Afar
Earth’s Horizon from Afar

To sum it up we have been overlooking this wonderful plant for too long and for a bad reason. There are so many beneficial uses health and beauty, industrial, construction, even bio-fuel.

It’s time we start utilizing this plant, and save some trees and have fewer toxins in our air, and stop robbing the planet of fossil fuels when we have such great alternatives.

We just have to take the step and say we want a better planet, so yes we will use this powerful renewable resource.

It shouldn’t matter what plant it’s related to it, if it can be put to so many good uses, we should be utilizing it. And if it is starting to be known to save lives used as medicine, we should be using it!

We need to stop overlooking this amazing renewable resource and start utilizing it to its fullest potential.

I would love to hear what you think, please feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you as always.

By: Stacie Fortson

Go Green With Hemp

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