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Shopping with Diamond CBD and The CBD Mall you will find a great array of CBD infused products from edibles and tinctures to lotions and pain creams.

Do you feel like you need just that little EXTRA zing in your life? CBD could be that “zing” you have been looking for.

What Is CBD And Why Do People Use It

CBD is a natural occurring compound found in hemp pant and contains little to no THC, essentially it is a supplement. CBD is NOT a medicine and has not been proven to cure any disease or cure any type of ailment aside from epilepsy, it is a supplement, not a drug.

CBD works with CB1 and CB2 receptors in our bodies, our pets have the same receptors, so CBD is effective with our fur babies as well. Without the receptors, CBD and THC would have no effect on us, their plants would be basically no different from an annoying weed growing in the yard.

While there are no medical reports to back up the claims from many users of CBD, there is a list of benefits that people are claiming CBD is providing for them. Some say that it has helped to reduce arthritis pain, increased focus, calmed anxieties, helped with certain nervous disorders and much more.

For me, CBD has helped reduce arthritis pain in my shoulders and knees. I also noticed that I was slightly calmer and was experiencing clearer thoughts and becoming more focused as well. These all seemed to be good effects for me, CBD may not help everyone the way it does me, as we are all just as much different as we are similar.

You should always consult with your physician before taking any supplement especially if you are already taking medication of any kind. CBD has no drug interaction precautions to date, but being safe is always the best policy.

Where To Find Quality Products

Diamond CBD and The CBD Mall are the best sites in my opinion. They are sites that have many quality brands in one spot, it is like one stop shopping. There is something for everyone, in whatever form you want, they have capsule, edibles, flower, vapes, waxes, tinctures and oils, pain creams, beauty creams and more.

I have not tried every single product offered on either site, but I have tried some and have written reviews on them. I will continue to try more of them and keep writing more reviews, but feel free to try any product that appeals to you, and let me know what you think in the comments section of any review or product page.

I am very sad that Chong’s Choice is no longer an option, but I have found the Chill Plus CBD Gummy Bears to be a very good replacement.

Every product is third party tested to maintain high standards in quality, this is a very important part of being transparent to Diamond. Also, the customer service is top-notch, these guys really take good care of their customers, it is all about keeping and maintaining good relations with customers at Diamond. After all if we are not happy they are not successful.

Always A Great Deal And Big Selection

First time shoppers are offered a great sign up deal, and it doesn’t stop there. There are daily deals, monthly deals, holiday deals, deals for just about any occasion.

Getting CBD to their customers at affordable prices is what Diamond is all about, you will generally always see a deal of some sort for that reason.

Diamond CBD is in partnership with The CBD Mall, on both sites you will find a nice variety of top quality CBD brands from Chill and Biotech to MediPets. Yes they even cover our fur babies.

What Do I Buy

If you are new to CBD, first you have to decide what you would like to use the CBD for, is it internal or external, or for your fur baby? Then you have to ask yourself what form of CBD you are most interested in trying.

CBD products range from edibles to smoking and topical, it is all totally user preference. If you are not into smoking anything ever I would suggest edibles, tinctures & oils, or topicals.

External uses, you have options for beauty and cosmetic products to pain creams and sprays. Some of the best shampoos and conditioners are hemp oil infused. The age defying beauty creams that are infused with hemp oil and CBD are among the best for your skin.

You should always go for the product that you think would suite your lifestyle best. You know “You” better than anyone else.

I do want to point out that the Delta 8 and 10 brands say THC but there is less than .03% of Delta 9 THC, The Delta 8 and Delta 10 are forms of THC and are related to Delta 9 THC. They are still different by a few compounds.

The Delta products will get you high, you may even fail a drug test, it will be a false positive for Delta 9 THC. You may want to inform you employer of your decsion to take these products and see if they are willing overlook the results.

I have not tried any of the Delta 8 or 10 products, I do use THC in conjunction with CBD, I just have not tried them yet. I actually live in one of the states that has banned the sale of Delta 8 and 10 products.

As time goes by this may change, as the laws change almost daily dealing with Hemp and Marijuana products.

As always, thank you for visiting my site and reading my review, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Thank You,

Stacie Fortson


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