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Lush Valley CBD Review By Stacie Fortson

In my search for quality CBD manufacturers, I came across Lush Valley CBD. I only represent companies with quality CBD products that are third party tested. Lush Valley fell right into that very criteria.

When it comes to their products, they are very translucent. By this I mean, they tell where their plants come from, how they are grown, treated, and processed. You can view the entire process on their website. They offer videos to educate and reassure that they are creating a quality product.

The videos, in my opinion, also let you get to know your CBD manufacturer a little better. I know that I am more at ease buying products from a person I feel that I know, versus a total stranger.

Products Offered by Lush Valley CBD

Lush Valley CBD can be purchased in tincture (oil 1000 or 500mg), body butter (4oz. or 8 oz.), and pet spray. I think that keeping the product line simple like this, makes it easier for Lush Valley to concentrate on quality versus quanity.

Also, with fewer choices, it makes for easier decision making. Not saying that choices are bad, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming if there are too many, simplicity is good.

The tincture ingredients are also very simple, it contains full spectrum hemp extract and MTC oil, and is a NON-GMO hemp oil, is pesticide free, and lab tested < .3% THC (by an independent third party lab).

Third Party testing is unbiased, the results can be trusted to be accurate. These tests will also show the strength and safety of the products.

What Is The Big Deal About Being Organic?

Well, hemp is highly sensitive to it's environment which is why it belongs in the category of “Bioaccumulator”. To break it down, this means that the plant absorbs both the good and bad elements from the water, air and soil.

Growing hemp organically and naturally helps to guarantee that there are no pesticides, toxic metals or other dangerous hidden ingredients to come through in the CBD Products.

Organic growing is the safest and best way to grow most every product used by consumers. Any company that grows organic and uses organic ingredients is showing respect and care for their consumers, and environment.

What Can CBD Do For You?

Well that question is one for you to answer. I can tell you what CBD does for me, and you can read about what it does for others. As far as what it will do for you, that is your personal journey.

For me CBD has decreased my pain level due to arthritis and pinched nerves. It has increased my focus in general, and my patients to deal with the little things that normally aggrivate me.

I have never had sleeping issues, but I have read that it has helped others with sleeping as well. There are so many reviews on what CBD has done for people.

Keep in mind however, there are no scientific facts to back up any of the claims. There are studies being done, but not significant findings as of yet, aside from CBD does help with certain types of epilepsy.

There are some companies that are getting in trouble for making medical claims related to CBD, Lush Valley is not one. They do not make any claims that CBD is a medicine nor that it will cure any diseases or disorders.

They simply state that CBD reacts to CB receptors that are in our bodies. These receptors are the reason CBD, THC, and other cannabidiols work for us and our animals.

Without CB receptors in the body, hemp and marijuana would behave as mere herbs, like basil or oregano when consumed. But we have these receptors, and I say we have them for a reason, our bodies are designed to use cannabidiols.

However, as I stated earlier, what CBD will do for you is your own journey. No one can tell you how it will work for you, or if you will like it, that is all on you alone.

If you are wanting to try CBD, Lush Valley CBD is one of my recommendations for sure. You can click on any of the links in this review to buy yours today. And While you're there, I encourage you to visit their FAQ's and videos on their "about us" page. I found all the information very helpful.

As always, thank you for visiting my site and reading my review on Lush Valley CBD. Please feel free to leave a comment below on your thoughts and experiences with Lush Valley CBD or just CBD in general.

Stacie Fortson

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MediPets CBD and Our Fur Babies: Is It Good For Them Too Review By Stacie Fortson

When it comes to our fur babies we only want what is best for them. With this new CBD craze we have to ask, “Is CBD good for our fur babies?”

Well I have done a geat deal of research on this, and the answer is, YES.

MediPets CBD for Your Fur Babies

CBD works with our receptors CB1 and CB2, well our pets have those same receptors. They react to THC and CBD, I am not recommending giving your fur babies doses of THC by any means, but CBD on the other hand, yes I do recommend it for your fur baby.

If your pet has chronic pain, anxieties, or behavioral issues, I highly recommend giving CBD a try. I noticed a great difference in behavior and in pain levels too in my fur babies.

My fur babies are older Labs, they have hip issues like none other, the poor dears. From the first week I noticed a huge improvement in their mobility and spunk as well.

They have not had anxieties since being puppies, but they did have some behavior issues like barking at and jumping on guests. That was so annoying, but that has all ceased as well.

Now when my company arrives, instead of being greeted with loud barking and muddy paws, my fur babies are melow and relaxed. They calmly greet our guests, and go to their beds, such a welcomed change.

This is a lot less intimidating when a child enters as well, you can imagine. While my babies are not biters, they are big and can seem overwhelming, especially to a child. Now they just seem very sweet and adorable, and children want to approach them versus run from them.

What brand did I choose to buy for them? Well MediPets of course. They are offered on Diamond CBD’s website, and that is one of the only sites I trust to buy my CBD. This is because of their high standards pertaining to CBD quality.

MediPets Shop Now

I only buy the best for myself, and I wouldn’t compromise when it comes to my fur babies either.

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is a U.S. based company and they buy their hemp from U.S. farmers. Their production team is made of doctors and scientists that are striving to create the absolute best quality hemp derived CBD products available.

Their hemp CBD contains a large spectrum of cannabinoids and other naturally occurring molecules found in hemp oil, and they are lab tested for purity and strength. The CBD cannabinoid is being found to have a good deal of health benefits, and is safe to use.

Quality in the manufacturing of the product is equally important to the quality of the product. At Diamond CBD, they take pride in hiring only the best to produce the best.

Exactly What Is CBD, And What Are The Claims of This Product For Our Fur Babies?

CBD is a naturally occurring element in the hemp plant. There are several cannabinoids found in the oil, but CBD is the one everyone is focusing on. It is said to have some wonderful health benefits, none have been scientifically prooven, aside from epilepsy, but the list reads…

  • Anxiety relief (attatchment disorder)
  • Behavioral Issues (excessive barking, jumping on people, etc…)
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Joint Pain Treatment
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • An excellent topical ( they can lick it too!)  

The list I have compiled is combined from several articles I have found, not on Diamond’s page however, they make no medical claims with using CBD.

I encourage you to do research as well, it never hurts to get more information! When It comes to our fur babies, they are just like our children, I have both, I know, my daughter feels the same way, she treats our pets as siblings not property.

This product is very safe to use, while there have been no reported cases of overdose, you should always follow the recommended doses on the bottle for maximum benefits and safety precautions.

Using CBD Oils and Other CBD Products

In the end it is a personal choice whether CBD products are right for you and your fur babies. It is not a cure all of any sort, it is just a wonderful supplement that is now available to be enjoyed by all that care to use it.

If you feel that you would like to try it or if you need to reorder, feel free to click on any of the product links in this article. Any link takes you to Diamond CBD which is the main distributor for MediPets CBD Products.

As always, thank you for visiting my site and reading my review on MediPets CBD offered by Diamond CBD.

I would love to hear your opinion on MediPets CBD for Pets, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Stacie Fortson

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