CBD Oil And Third Party Testing: What Does It Really Mean

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With the recent spike in CBD Oil manufacturers, one has to wonder about the quality of the oil they are buying. If you have been shopping for CBD lately you will notice lot of companies offering a Third Party Test result to prove the quality of their CBD products.

Well, what exactly is a “third party test”, and who preforms them? Are they required, as one would think? Just how accurate are they? Who regulates all of this in the first place?

Having the third party test results is supposed to make you feel secure, according to the manufacturer. But if you don’t know what one is, how to read it, or what it is supposed to contain in the first place, the report will do you no good.

These are some of the many questions that I think we as consumers, need answers to!

What Is Third Party Testing?

When it comes to CBD and other drugs, third party testing is done in a laboratory by certified scientist. They break down the components of the cannabis oil to find how much of each cannabinoid is in the oil being tested.

With the laws varying so much between states, this is a very important report!

The best third party test to see as a consumer is an independent third party test result. This means that the laboratory is not in connection with the manufacturer or the consumer, so they have a completely bias report. In other words, the outcome of the results will not benefit the laboratory in any way, so there is no reason to favor either side.

Is Third Party Testing Required And Who Preforms Them?

There is no testing required for any CBD products. This I found hard to believe! But it is true.

There are several labs manufacturers can choose from to preform their CBD level test. Independent labs are reputable, and are more likely to give the biased opinion you, the consumer, are looking for.

EVIO Labs is one of the many labs used by Diamond, as is ProVerde, and Reseach Triangle Park Laboratories, Inc. These three laboratories are the top in the nation.

EVIO Labs is the leading national provider of accredited testing. This is one very professional and busy laboratory, working with both the agricultural and biomedical industries.

ProVerde, is probably EVIO’s biggest competitor right now in the cannabis testing field. They both offer quality test and results, and both have outstanding scientists on their staffs.

Research Triangle Park Laboratories, Inc. test for all sorts of things, like pesticides, contamination, toxic chemicals VOCs; banned substances, and product purity.

Are Third Party Test Results Accurate, Who Regulates This?

The FDA recommends that consumers be cautious of whom they buy their CBD products from, as they are not regulated by the FDA. Some of the companies out there are not being forth coming about the actual CBD contents of their oils. While there is no real regulation of these oils the FDA has been stepping in and randomly testing products.

The FDA has found some companies that are not completely honest about their CBD levels. They have sent these companies warning letters, to let them know they are not in compliance with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. They give them 15 business days to improve their product, or to give a time line in which their product will be improved, otherwise, the FDA shuts them down with possible fines.

So, while there is no official regulation, we do at least have the FDA stepping in and randomly checking these companies out for honesty. We as consumers need this, after all, this is a supplement claiming to support some major health benefits, and it is not completely cheap.

Companies With Independent Third Party Tested Products

Doing the leg work is what I am here for, I have been looking for trusted CBD companies to promote on my site and I definitely have been picking the right ones. So far every single company that I have done reviews for are independently third party tested. There was only one manufacturer that did not show the lab results, CBD Essence.

With CBD Essence, their lab report is not yet available to the public so I did not include their logo. They are third party tested, but I sure do like to see the certificate! I can research the lab to find out if it is independently owned, but only if I have the name.

Diamond CBD Link

Diamond CBD is one of the safe companies to order from. Some of their products have multiple test results from different labs. That goes above and beyond for quality assurance in my opinion. Diamond even provides a report from Toxicology Associates, Inc. to prove there is nothing to get you high in their products.

GGH LLC logo and link

GoGreen Hemp is also a safe company to buy from. They do not say Independent third party, but they are. Upon looking at their lab certification I noticed that Diamond used the same lab for some of their products, ProVerde .

Made By Hemp logo and link

Made By Hemp is yet another reputable CBD manufacturer. This manufacturer also used common labs for testing as Diamond and GoGreen Hemp.

All three readily display tab links to their lab results, this is a very important thing. Not only so you know that you are getting what you paid for, but also so you can prove what the contents are in your cannabis oil in case you’re in a not so cannabis friendly state.

CBD made from hemp is legal in all 50 states, marijuana is a totally different story though. And being able to prove that there is little to no THC is imperative for legal purposes.

Shopping For Quality CBD Made Easier With A Little Help

With so many choices of CBD manufacturers, it is hard enough to make a decision between them for prices, worrying about the quality of the product you are buying is just as important.

Make sure you have a third party test and preferably an independent one at that. After that it is all in what form you want to take your CBD in, and what fits in your budget the best.

I know the four companies I listed above will be very safe choices for quality and purity. Feel free to follow any of their links and check them all out. Pick which one is best for you and place an order today!

I hope my article helps you find the quality CBD products you’re looking for. Please feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to hear your opinion on third party testing CBD products.

As always, thank you for reading my article.

Stacie Fortson

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Diamond CBD’s New CBD MALL: All The Best CBD Products In One Spot!

If you’re like me, you want only top quality products when you shop for CBD or any other product. We work hard for our money and we deserve it.

NOT being fooled by flashy products with false claims is definitely the goal.

Shopping for CBD online can be a challenge, especially when you’re not sure where to start looking for quality products. Diamond made the process a whole lot easier with their new CBD MALL.

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My Personal Favorites

There are a lot of great brands at the CBD MALL, I have a growing list of my favorites. Among them are the Diamond brand itself, MediPets, Lawrence Taylor Pain Master cream, and of course Chong’s Choice, you can’t go wrong with this CBD.

I personally think that the only way you wouldn’t be happy with Chong’s Choice brand of CBD, is if you just did not like the effects of CBD. This is one of the absolute best CBD’s I have tried.

MediPets has been my go to for my fur babies CBD requirements. I have two older Labradors and we all know they can have some hip issues. The poor dear creatures.

Well my yellow Lab, Rose, has the worst hips, but since I started her on MediPets 2 times a day she runs and plays ball with my fiance like she is a puppy again. She is almost 9 years old.

Speaking of my fiance, he is the reason I found LT Pain Master. He is very atheletic and gets very sore muscles, and needed intense relief. So I finally found and tried LT Pain Master, and now he swears by it, and will not use any other brand.

He actually had me try it on my knees one day when they were really sore, and I was very impressed with how well it worked for a topical.

My pain runs very deep, so I usually just go with oils or smoking of some sort. After trying LT Pain Master I use them in conjunction they and seemed to work better for me.

All of these products and more can be found a the new CBD MALL.

I can’t say what CBD will do for you, but I can say what it does for me. I feel a lot less pain these days, I am more focused and becoming even more creative as well. And when I use the creams and lotions, my skin feels smooth and refreshed.

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*Frequently Asked Questions*

What brand Of CBD oil is best for dogs?

I prefer MediPets for my fur babies. I did a lot of research on this before I would even buy CBD for my pets to make sure it was safe for them.

MediPets impressed me with their ingredients and choices for my fur babies, and my babies seem to really like it. They are a touch finiky when it comes to stuff like this, so I have to be a bit tricky and get them “snacks”. Don’t tell!!

As always, thank you for visiting my site and reading my article about the new CBD MALL sponsored by Diamond CBD. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Stacie Fortson

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There Is No High From Industrial Hemp: Why Was There Ever An Issue With It Being Legal

It is true, there is no “high” from Industrial Hemp. This species of the cannabis family contains CBD and little to no THC. THC is the compound in marijuana that does create the “high” feeling. Industrial Hemp only contains about 0.3% THC, which is not nearly enough to get anyone “high”, your lungs would fail first.

So how did this plant get lumped in with its cousin marijuana? Well that all goes way back to the late 1930’s, when the Marijuana Tax Act was passed and enforced. This made marijuana illegal in the United States. Industrial Hemp was lumped in because it was said to be too much like marijuana. This is so false!

Marijuana Plant in Full Bloom

English Hemp

They do not look the same while growing, they do not mature at the same rate, and they have different uses and effects. The such notable differences, one still wonders how they got lumped together, it just makes no sense!

Before all that nonsense, industrial hemp was used worldwide. It was hard to process the fiber from the core, but one farmer created a machine that could do it easier. His name was Bernagozzi he created the decorticator in the early 1861, and it was the foundation to finding ways of easier removal of hemp’s fiber from the core.

Industrial Hemp Characteristics, Facts, and Uses

Let’s start with this plant’s appearance and how you would plant and grow this species. Industrial Hemp can reach heights of 20ft. and has very few branches, leaves, and flowers that are mainly located at the top of the plant. This gives a long stalk for long fibers.

Hemp Farm

When you plant hemp, you plant the plants’ very close together, like maybe 4″ apart at the most. This leaves no room for competitive weeds to integrate your hemp crop.

This plant will grow in just about any climate aside from Antarctica, and requires very little attention. Insects are not drawn to it, so there is no need for pesticides. Pesticides are a huge part of the honeybee population issue!

Female Hemp Flower

Hemp is actually good for the soil compared to crops we use for similar product making. Acting as a filter of sorts, hemp removes a lot of toxins from the dirt and air. Growing hemp cleanses the air we breathe better than trees and most other plants’ as well.

Eating hemp products is very good for you and you have some choices as well. You can eat the seeds either raw or toasted, you can use hemp seed oil in a variety of things, there are hemp protein shakes, and milk and ice cream as well. There are a variety of foods and beverages to choose from.

The fibers from hemp have natural anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties and are naturally hypoallergenic as well. It is considered to be one of the strongest fibers known to mankind. There are many uses for the fibers including, but not limited to, rope, canvas, clothing, linen, and paper.

There are two different types of oils that can be made from this plant, CBD Oil, and Hemp Seed Oil. CBD Oils are more for medicinal uses, whereas Hemp Seed Oil has unlimited uses from food, make-up, and shampoos to wood stains. Every part of this plant is rich in fatty plant protein (a perfect balance of omega 3 and 6 at a 3:1 ratio). It is very healthy for the human diet and for skin and hair care products as well.

Believe it or not, plastics can be made from industrial hemp as well. This is not a new thing, but laws prohibited the study of what hemp’s possibilities are, so we are revisiting old inventions and coming up with new ones every day. From what I understand there are plastic moldings that can be made as well as drinking straws and water bottles.

Alas, there are three kinds of bio fuel that can be made from hemp as well as everything else. Hemp Bio Diesel, Ethanol, and Methanol. We can safely use all of these fuels, their emission is what we breathe, that is no joke! The bio diesel is made from the seeds, where the ethanol and methanol are made from fermented stalks. We don’t even have to modify the vehicles we use now!

Industrial hemp would be grown mostly for industrial and consumption purposes, and right now is legal in all 50 states.

Marijuana Characteristics and Uses

Marijuana plants are a beautiful plants’ if you enjoy their foliage. These plants’ have more branches, leaves, and flowers (buds) and are very aromatic. They grow more bushy and need some room for proper development. They also require more attention, and climate control for the optimal product.They are in a sense more fragile and needy compared to industrial hemp even though they “seem” to grow like a weed as well and are very hearty plants.

Marijuana Bud Haze

Marijuana Bud Diesel

Marijuana Bud Kush

While there are two types of marijuana, Indica and Sativa, there are many strains of marijuana, some more powerful than others, some more tasty than others it depends on what you like in your marijuana.

For this particular type of cannabis there are two uses, medical and recreational. The medical uses are still being studied, and some are yet to be approved. This is when doing your research comes in very handy! Make sure you get your information from a reliable source as well. I like to use Britannica or Wikipedia (depending on what I am looking for).

As always, check with your doctor or physician, never self diagnose or treat any illness, whether it is physical or mental!

I am sure that if someone wanted to take the time to make something from the stems, there could be an industrial use as well, but as far as I know there is nothing of the sort yet. I am sure that this would have a lot to do with it being illegal in most states right now.

Before trying to use marijuana you should check your states laws so you know where you stand legally!

How Would Legalizing Marijuana Help Industial Hemp

Legalizing marijuana would be the start of opening doors for the growth and production of hemp nationwide! As mentioned before, they were lumped together in the same bill that outlawed them.

For marijuana to become legal, it would bring hemp right along with it, and all the restrictions that were put on the growing and processing of hemp would lift. And this could happen nationwide if we are smart and vote for it!

Marijuana is not the dangerous drug it was said to be, it would be beneficial to legalize it. In fact, my personal experience with it is, that it is quite calming and relaxing. I do not get agitated or overly excited, and I can still function quite well!

I work at a high stress job that requires a lot of physical energy as well. Smoking before work for concentration on opening the restaurant, and then I smoke when I get home to calm down from the busy hustle and bustle of a day. I choose not to smoke during the day, it is just my personal choice. I do live in Colorado, the laws here are for medical and recreational, which I find quite wonderful!

Legalizing these plants nationwide would be a public service in the long run! There are many environmental factors, health and nutrition factors, and it would open many new jobs if we begin using hemp products, not just CBD, but industrial products as well!

Thanks for reading my article, I hope you found some insight, or I shed the light on any shady areas. Please feel free to comment below. I love a good discussion.

Thank you as always.

Stacie Fortson

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