The Best Full Spectrum CBD Gummies GGWHSF

The Best Full Spectrum CBD Gummies GGWHSF

Are you looking for the best full spectrum CBD gummies? Look no further, Tommy Chong has got you covered. Tommy Chong’s Full Spectrum Sour CBD Gummies are top quality and come with a satisfaction guarantee for life.

There are so many reasons for a person to choose to use Tommy Chong’s CBD. My reason was chronic back and knee pain. I was in constant pain, sometimes I wondered how I would make it through the day.

When I discovered CBD, I was cooking at a very busy restaraunt and my fiance decided to get us some. When he first told me about it, I was reluctant about how well it would work.

He began researching it and seeing that it was potentially beneficial for both of us in many ways.

Tommy Chong Logo
Tommy Chong Logo

Growing up, hemp, was not the plant anyone wanted, it didn’t get you high. Also back then hemp wasn’t grown for medicinal uses, it was farmed by very few farmers even. But what was grown, was grown for industrial uses such as making rope, paper, linen, and other various items.

When hemp is grown for industrial uses, it is planted very close together so there are very few flowers on the plants. It is mostly stalk, which is great for the strong fibers hemp provides. When hemp is grown for medicne, each plant is planted in its own space to provide great flowers to bloom. This is great for capturing the terpines and canabinoids.

I went a head and tried the CBD, and to my suprise, it worked better than any over the counter pain reliever. Yes, it costs more than the over the counter pain relievers, but knowing that it is all natural, and your body doesn’t have to filter out any of the by-products like with pain relievers, it makes a huge difference. Remember, your body is your temple, be kind to it.

Picking Your Preferred Form Of CBD

This is certainly a personal choice, only you will know how you like to consume your CBD. There are oils and tinctures that you drop either into a beverage or straight into youir mouth. Vapes, waxes and dabs, and flower to smoke.

I never thought I would enjoy smoking hemp, but it really does tastes good. 

However, if you’re not a smoker and the oils and tinctures are too intense for your liking, there are edibles. Some are very sweet and others not so much, depends on the maker and so on.

Oh yeah, and it works very nicely as a topical for sports injuries and arthritis, and other skin issues like acne, I’m telling you CBD is great stuff, in my opinion.

It all depends on how you are comfortable taking and using CBD. I use mine in many forms including topical. There are just so many ways to use CBD, provided that you like it.

Tommy Chong’s Full Spectrum Sour Gummies

These Gummies are outstanding in quality and taste. They are very sour, just as the name says, but yummy nonetheless!

Gummies are probably the easiest way to enjoy CBD. No mess, no measuring, and you can take them anywhere. In a crowd popping a gummy is way more acceptable than blowing out a big puff of smoke.

750mg Full Spectrum Sour Gummies
750mg Full Spectrum Sour Gummies $69.95

Tommy Chong’s CBD is sourced from the best hemp plants in America and carefully extracted using only the gentlest and purest methods. Then it is scientifically formulated and blended into the most unique hemp-based products on the market designed to support optimal health in every part of your body, morning, noon and night.

Tommy Chong’s Product description on site Dec. 30/2021

When can you take your CBD Gummies?

Anytime and Anywhere that is the glory of CBD gummies. You can enjoy your CBD no matter where you are or what time of day it is. All you have to do is pop a gummy and go.

If you are using the Nano CBD Protocol, the gummies are perfect for a mid-day booster. It never hurts to keep your CBD levels up.

Using just the gummies is an easy way to regulate the amount of CBD you get in each dose. Some people want to take an exact amount, while others are not as concerned about dosages.

If you are a first-time consumer and want to test how much CBD you need to take, edibles are a very good place to start. Each edible contains a specified dose of CBD, whereas, the droppers can be harder to measure the doses.

Benefits Of Using CBD

This is a more difficult area, as I stated, CBD works differently for everyone.

I can say what CBD does for me, and tell you what it has done for others. But, I cannot say that it will do the same for you, you have to try it for yourself to see.

For me, the main benefit has been less pain all the way around. My back, knees, and shoulders all thank me. The difference has been like night and day. Other added benefits for me are mental clarity and much-needed stress management.

Others have reported that CBD has helped manage their pain, stay focused, decreased anxiety, and just overall feeling better.

I have found that staying on a schedule with CBD is best for prime results. Tommy Chong figured this out way before me, the smart guy that he is. This is why he created the Good Vibes Protocol.

The schedule goes like this:

  • Morning the Good Vibes Products prime your body and mind to tackle the day ahead.
  • Afternoon and then the Balms, Tinctures, Softgels and Gummies are intended to give you the perfect mid-day pick-me-up whenever you need it most.
  • Evening for the finishing touch the Nice Dreams Products are designed to help you have the best, most restorative sleep of your life.

I am not a doctor or physician, I can tell you what I take and how I take it, and how it works for me. Honestly, I would encourage you to speak with your physician if you are taking any medications that could be affected by CBD.

I have read the claims that CBD is a cure-all for cancer, this is not true, even Tommy Chong will tell you that he used CBD and marijuana in conjunction with modern medicine to get where he is with his cancer.

Cannabis products helped Tommy get through the cancer treatments but, by no means, did the holistic effects of cannabis work on their own, unfortunately.

Why Tommy Chong’s CBD

There are thousands of CBD companies in the world. Only one bears the name Tommy Chong. Unparalleled name recognition and user trust in the CBD space combined with truly unique high-value products create a user experience unlike any other. Consumers looking for a solution with CBD flock to the Tommy Chong brand because of trust and familiarity. 

If you find yourself wanting to try CBD and have not yet, I encourage you to try Tommy Chong’s CBD. As a consumer, it is a win-win with this brand.

If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason at all, you may contact customer service for a full refund. I believe that you must have the bottle or container for the CBD. It can be empty even.

It does not matter how long ago you purchased the product, this is a lifetime guarantee. Tommy Chong is the only company offering that guarantee so far as I have seen.

I will probably always use CBD and probably marajuana as well, that is my personal choice. I find that they both help me in different ways. I do not push my thoughts or beliefs on others. I will defend them, but not push.

So I leave you with this: Thank you for visiting my page and reading my review on The Best Full Spectrum CBD Gummies, please feel free to leave a comment below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Stacie Fortson

Go Green With Hemp 

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