A Little About GGWHSF And Stacie Fortson

Welcome to Go Green With HempSF, I am here to supply a vast variety of natural hemp based products. These products do not contain THC, the compound found in Cannabis, there is a huge difference between hemp and marijuana.

There are many benefits from using these products, health wise and environmentally. I hope to shed the light on some benefits and persuade people to use hemp products no matter what they are.

I believe in supporting the small businesses in our country, and when you shop for Diamond CBD on my site that is exactly what you are doing. Yeah Diamond CBD is a big brand, but buying from my website is equivalent to buying from a local owned mom and pop drug store. I offer their products for a commission of the sales, as with all the products on my site.

A Little about Me

Stacie Fortson, Author
Stacie Fortson, Author

My name is Stacie Fortson, I am not the perfect “green” person, but I try to do my part.

I am a single mom, and I work as a cook to support my daughter and our three dogs. Needless to say I needed supplemental income as one person’s wages just doesn’t cut it these days.

So I looked around for “not so time-consuming” side jobs. Yeah, they do not exist unless you get on the computer. So I looked into the best way to make money online. Affiliate marketing was right up there on the top.

When I began my website for affiliate marketing I didn’t want to just sell something I couldn’t 100% stand behind, or that was pointless in my opinion. I needed not just a product but a product with a purpose.

That was when I thought of hemp, and I started researching it, seeing all the wonderful things it was capable of, that I was totally clueless about. I knew right then what my site was going to be centered around.

Helping to educate the public about hemp and encouraging the use of hemp products amd other ways to preserve our planet. I do not belong to any activist groups, I just think that we could start taking better care of our planet and I think that hemp is a good re-starting place.

While there are many ways to help save the environment, I truly believe that the use of hemp-based products could be a good start. I know that the lotions, shampoos & conditioners all work wonderfully for me and maybe they could for you too. But there is more than that, way more, like paper, fuel, clothing, plastics, ect…

I also believe that there are health benefits related to hemp oils. I am not a doctor so I will not make any medical claims, its just something you have to try for yourself, as with any plant or product, and always speak with your doctor before trying new products and never self diagnose or self medicate.

This is About the Environment as Much as Personal Health

It’s not all about oils and shampoos that we could be using, it is also about the products that can be made from hemp, such as wood, fabric, paint, stucco, bio-fuel, and the list goes on. This could improve the environment with re population of trees, less plastic in the landfills, fewer toxins in our environment, etc.

If we used hemp for making the majority of products we use, our landfills wouldn’t be so poluted with non-biodegradable junk. Hemp plastics have a higher biodegradeable standard than most, hemp fabrics last longer than most, and hemp paper is far superior, hemp bio-fuel is the safest, and the list goes on and on…

Hemp is a very renewable source that is not being utilized as much as it could be. This plant has a growth cycle of about 130 days from seed to harvest, and adapts to it’s climate for growth and vegitaion.Very little attention is required from farmers, the plant really needs just sunlight and a little water. Insects do not like this plant because the outer layer is so tough they give up and move on, this means little to no need for pesticides. this is great news for the environment and HONEY BEES!!

Always remember that it is about the environment as much as personal health!!

My Goal Here

As I said I am not the perfect “green” person but, I am here to let people know that they have options with products on ways to be “GREEN” and that hemp-based products are a wonderful option.

With just a little research I think you will agree.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Thank You,

Stacie Fortson

Go Green With Hemp

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  1. Hello Stacie,
    Your product (CBD Salve) really helped me! I used it on my arthritis and almost immediately it took my pain away. CBD Salve also took my shoulder (pulled muscle) pain away and helped me sleep. My little dog (Harperlee) suffers with allergies, making her scratch almost all the time. I should say, until my idea of applying your salve to her skin. She LOVES it! The salve relieves her itching and helps her sleep!! I need more for my dog and me!!

    1. Janice,

      Thank you so much for visiting and placing an order. I am so glad the CBD Salve worked for you and your sweet little pooch too!

      I also found great relief from my arthritis pain as well using the CBD Salve. Feel free to order more, running out is not an option for me any more.

      I wish you and Harperlee all the best.

      Stacie Fortson

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