Get Started Growing Hemp with Hey Abby Grow Box

Cultivate Your Green Thumb: A Guide to Growing Plants with the Hey Abby Grow Box

The Hey Abby Grow Box has revolutionized the way we cultivate greenery indoors. This innovative system removes the guesswork and complexity from growing plants, offering a convenient and accessible solution for anyone, regardless of experience level. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a budding enthusiast, the Hey Abby Grow Box allows you to experience the joy of nurturing life and reaping the rewards of your own homegrown produce.

Unboxing the Possibilities:

Unbox the Hey Abby Grow Box and in a few months, unbox your harvest!

The Hey Abby Grow Box available in white and black, arrives pre-assembled and equipped with everything you need to get started:

  • Hydroponic Growing System: This innovative system eliminates the need for soil, utilizing water enriched with essential nutrients to nourish your plants.
  • LED Grow Light: The full-spectrum LED light provides the optimal light intensity and duration for each stage of plant growth.
  • Automatic Water System: This intelligent system automatically pumps water and nutrients to your plants, ensuring optimal hydration and eliminating the need for manual watering.
  • Climate Control System: The built-in sensors monitor and regulate temperature, humidity, and air circulation, creating a perfect microclimate for your plants to thrive.
  • Mobile App: The intuitive mobile app allows you to monitor and control various aspects of your grow box, including lighting, water levels, and temperature, right from your smartphone.

Hey Abby Grow Box can grow most plants, keep in mind the adult size of the plant to ensure the box can house the adult plant.

– Compatible with Photo Seed/clones, and Auto Seeds/Seedlings
– Up to 6 Oz yield dry flower (CBD/Marijuana buds)
– Fully Automated: Spend less than 10 minutes per week on your plants
– DWC system: Keep your hands clean
– Come with 3 months of grow supply and expert support

Available Growing Supplies

From Seed to Bloom:

With the Hey Abby Grow Box, the process of growing plants becomes a seamless and rewarding experience.

You will never feel alone with access to the Hey Abby Growing community to rely on for growing tips and harvesting advice as well.

I sure do not want to fail to mention that Hey Abby has all the tools you need to go along with your grow box to aid in healthy growing plants from seed to bloom.

Hey Abby Grow Cam

And don’t forget to get your BudCam so you can keep an eye on your plants as well as the box settings. It’s an added $109.65 but also provides total peace of mind paired with the Hey Abby Grow Box app. So not only will you be able to control the temperature, humidity, and lighting; but you will also have a visual on your plants. Now that’s peace of mind.

Get your Hey Abby Grow Box today and start growing like a pro tomorrow.

Step 1: Choose Your Seedlings:

The Hey Abby Grow Box is versatile and supports a wide variety of plants, including herbs, vegetables, fruits, and even some flowers. Choose your desired seedlings based on your preferences and experience level.

That’s right, you can use this grow box for many types of vegetation you may want to grow. Just be mindful of the adult plant size, as the box may not be suitable for extremely large plants.

Step 2: Set Up Your Grow Box:

When your Hey Abby Grow Box arrives, I would suggest watching the video tutorial online for unpacking and setup before attempting to unpackage your new Grow Box. There are some great easy-to-follow steps to unpack your Grow Box all by yourself.

Pick a good spot in the house for your box as moving the box while growing is not highly suggested. Also, you will want to make sure to place it in a low-traffic area so it is not bumped into a lot.

After unpacking and finding the ideal location, just follow the simple instructions provided to assemble the grow box and fill the reservoir with the provided nutrient solution.

And then comes the fun part…

Step 3: Plant Your Seedlings:


Place your seedlings carefully in the designated growing medium and position them under the LED light. Within a day or two, they should be sprouting and becoming beautiful little plant babies. Better known as sprouts.

At this stage, your plants are very fragile and very tempting to insects and critters as they are tender, moist baby foilage. Having them safe in your Grow Box will give you added peace of mind.

This is when your confidence will start to bloom along with your plants. It is also time to start getting more serious about dialing in your settings to monitor and control your grow.

Step 4: Monitor and Control:

Get the Hey Abby app

Download the Hey Abby app and connect it to your grow box. The app provides real-time data on temperature, humidity, and water levels, allowing you to adjust settings and ensure optimal growing conditions.

This gives you full control over your plants even while you are away from home. You could be gone for the whole weekend if need be, and still have full control over your plants with the Hey Abby Grow Box.

With the system being hydroponic there is no dirt and mess to worry about during the growing. Just mix some nutrients in the water and dial in your Grow Box settings to maximize the growth of your plant.

Keeping an eye on your plants with the Bud Cam and monitoring the settings with your phone your plants will bring a smile to your face with every growth stage.

Before you know it, it will be time to reap the rewards of harvesting your grow.

Step 5: Experience the Harvest:

Happy Harvesting

Sit back and watch your plants flourish. The Hey Abby Grow Box takes care of the tedious tasks, leaving you to enjoy the satisfaction of nurturing life and harvesting your own delicious and nutritious produce.

Gardening is a rewarding experience that offers a wide range of benefits. Whether you’re planting a small herb garden on your windowsill or cultivating a large vegetable patch in your backyard, the act of nurturing something from seed to harvest is fulfilling on many levels.

The rewards of gardening are both tangible and intangible – from the satisfaction of growing your own food to the stress-relieving benefits of being outside in nature. Gardening also provides a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of connection with the natural world, which can be especially valuable in today’s fast-paced and technology-driven society.

You get to reap the sweet reward of the harvest and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Whether you have grown a tomato plant or a CBD Hemp/Marijuana plant, you will be rewarded.

Beyond the Basics:

Hey Abby is taking gardening to the next level with this high-tech easy-to-use grow box. Gardening has never been so easy. Get connected with the community of growers and make great connections while learning the art of growing with your new Grow Box.

Abby is more than just a device. With the heyabby app, you can connect with a community of growers & and get one-on-one live expert support.

Offering several advanced features to enhance your experience:

  • Pro Mode: This mode allows experienced users to customize various settings and experiment with different growing techniques.
  • Multiple Grow Boxes: You can connect and manage multiple grow boxes simultaneously through the app, creating your own indoor vertical garden. Just when you thought you couldn’t have a garden in the city.
  • Community and Support: Hey Abby offers a vibrant online community and dedicated customer support to answer your questions and provide helpful tips. You will never feel alone or that you have no one to count on for help.

Growing with Confidence:

You can consider yourself the worst ‘green thumb’ and still be a successful grower with the Hey Abby Grow Box. It is that easy to use and the community helpline is outstanding. Now is the time to get your Grow Box and start growing with confidence.

The Hey Abby Grow Box removes the intimidation factor often associated with indoor gardening. It empowers individuals of all skill levels to cultivate a variety of plants successfully, promoting a sustainable lifestyle and fostering a connection with nature.

Overall, learning the art of gardening is a valuable and rewarding skill that can bring joy and fulfillment into your life for years to come.

Check out the purchasing options available on their Financing Options page. They have Sezzle, PayPal, and Klarna available at this time, each with its set of terms and conditions, and all are easy to use. And these great package deals to choose from are stunning offers.

Start your journey today and experience the joy and satisfaction of nurturing life with the Hey Abby Grow Box!

As always, thank you for stopping by and reading my review. Please feel free to leave a comment below on your thoughts or experiences with the Hey Abby Grow Box.

Stacie Fortson, GGWHSF


  1. Hello ! Your article on the Hey Abby Grow Box is a fantastic guide for anyone looking to venture into indoor gardening. You made a  comprehensive overview, step-by-step . The integration of technology, like the mobile app and BudCam, adds a modern touch to the traditional act of gardening. The article’s encouragement for both beginners and seasoned gardeners to embrace this innovative system, along with the community support, highlights the inclusivity of the Hey Abby Grow Box. Overall, a well-rounded and informative read for those interested in cultivating their green thumb! well done!

  2. Very up-tempo review and promotion of this amazing grow box. Wow! How can anyone fail? As a gardener, I’m fascinated by how this product has been developed and am dying to try one. It looks great as well. 

    But what happens if your harvest fails? Is there any money-back guarantee or warranty?  

    Do you think there’s a possibility that with this kind of sleek automation human beings will forget how to interact with the Earth and resist getting their hands dirty? Do you think this is how the future looks given climate change, pollution and natural disasters everywhere? 

    I love it but I’d also like to continue getting my hands on the Earth and rubbing shoulders with our glorious Earth!

    Fascinating and eye-opening. Thank you.

    1. Linden,

      I am glad you found my review Get Started Growing Hemp with Hey Abby Grow Box fascinating and helpful. 

      As we all know gardening can be a gamble, and there are no guarantees, even farmers with fields of crops take risks with growing. So the success of any grow, be it in the ground, a box, or a planter is dependent on the care given to the plant during its life cycle and luck of the season.

      However, Hey Abby does offer the support of a fantastic grow community and they offer a guide to growing as well. 

      I totally support outdoor gardening as well, of course, but not everyone has the luxury of outdoor gardening, and that is where the Hey Abby Grow Box comes in super handy. I think that is more of the aim of the Grow Box, is to allow the love of gardening to be enjoyed by all, even if you live in a city with no yard. (Also, not all plants are meant to be in the garden in plain sight.)   

      Maybe you can give it a try for the winter months or a plant you don’t just want out in the garden for all to see.

      Thanks for stopping by,

      Stacie Fortson, GGWHSF

  3. Thank you for this super informative article. This is something I’ve toyed with the idea of for a while, having living indoor plants.

    Do they attract any kinds of bugs or little flies from your experience?

    It’s great you have included some handy tips on what to get started with here too, I love my outdoor gardening, but like I said I just think some live greenery inside might be nice too, bringing the outdoors in so to speak!!

    1. Ryan,

      I am very happy that you found my review helpful.

      So far I have not had any issues with insects, it could be due to my location, or even foliage choice, not really sure.  

      Indoor gardening is helpful for many reasons, I do not think it is meant to replace outdoor gardening by any means. It is just an alternative for those who lack a yard or a safe yard to plant in.

      With the Hey Abby Grow Box, you can still enjoy gardening, and teach your children about growing as well in a safe environment.

      Stacie Fortson, GGWHSF


  4. Great article! I’m quite intrigued by the Hey Abby Grow Box and its potential for growing hemp. It seems like an efficient and convenient option for beginners. However, I’m curious about the specific requirements for growing hemp in this box. Are there any special considerations regarding humidity, temperature, or light cycles that I should be aware of to ensure successful growth?

    1. Corey,

      I am glad you found my review of the Hey Abby Grow Box helpful. Thanks for the great questions as well. 

      Regarding the special considerations for humidity and light cycles, you should definitely reach out to the wonderful growing community with Hey Abby. Each grower has what they call the ‘sweet spot’ for their settings on humidity and lighting.

      I would highly recommend researching the strain you choose to grow beforehand. You will want to make sure the adult plant will not outgrow the box before harvest for sure. And you will have a rough idea of what to expect for harvest as well. 

      Of course, yield at harvest all depends on the success of the grow.

      I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

      Stacie, GGWHSF

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