Biodegradable Hemp Straws From Hemp Traders

Sip your Margarita with a Hemp Straw!
Sip your Margarita with a Hemp Straw!

I remember the first time I held a hemp biodegradable straw. It wasn’t just a piece of an eco-friendly trend; it felt like a tangible commitment to a healthier planet. I was initially skeptical about its durability and practicality. Still, I was willing to try it and see if it truly represented the ideals of renewable resources and environmental care that I value.

Hemp plastic surprised me with its composition and functionality. Derived from hemp fibers blended with other natural materials, this innovative form of plastic promised a guilt-free alternative to its conventional counterparts.

I learned that the production and use of Hemp Straws leaves considerably less carbon footprint than traditional plastics. This fact alone nudged me closer to the idea that choosing Hemp Straws could be a significant personal step toward sustainability.

I was even more surprised by the cost of a box of 500 individually wrapped straws. The price is only $26.67, making each straw less than $0.20. Where did I find this wonderful deal on sustainable straws? Where I usually shop for American-made hemp products, Hemp Traders.

Sustainable Earth Straws
Sustainable Earth Straws

Using hemp straws felt different in a refreshing way. They had an earthy tone and a comforting texture that made them stand out. I noticed that they were equally effective for sipping my morning smoothie as a plastic straw would be, without the environmental repercussions. I began to compare them with other straws I’d used in the past, considering the pros and cons not just for me, but for the ecosystem.

The difference in environmental impact between hemp plastic and traditional plastics or even paper alternatives became increasingly clear to me. Using these straws, I am reducing waste and contributing to a market that supports renewable farming practices. My small purchasing decision has become part of a collective action to encourage greener production methods.

I considered this new experience alongside the broader context of environmental sustainability. The choice seemed straightforward; hemp biodegradable straws could serve my needs and embody a commitment to a cleaner world. This encouraged me to delve into the characteristics that make hemp plastics so uniquely beneficial. Could these unassuming straws contribute more than I realized to global greening efforts?

Hemp Plastics Winning Traits: From Soil to Straw

Hemp Straws in mason jar
Hemp Straws in mason jar

Switching to hemp plastic straws, I have been curious about how something so beneficial is often overlooked. The versatility and strength of hemp bioplastics are astounding; they can withstand my morning smoothie and afternoon iced coffee without turning to mush or cracking like some plastic alternatives.

One of the upsides is knowing that I am avoiding BPA and phthalates, nasty chemicals often found in traditional plastics. Each sip is safer for me and the environment, which eases a bit of the day-to-day guilt of consumer choices.

Since I have started using these straws, I learned an interesting fact: hemp plants improve the soil it is grown in. The plant’s deep roots prevent erosion and enhance soil structure, making them a dual-purpose crop—both the product and the process are sustainable.

Carbon Footprint Imagery created by Stacie Fortson GGWHSF, with AI assist.
Carbon Footprint Imagery created by Stacie Fortson GGWHSF, with AI assist.

The environmental advantages go beyond the soil. Hemp plastic is a champion of sustainability due to being made from a renewable resource. In my studies, I discovered that its production emits fewer greenhouse gases, leading to a much smaller carbon footprint in comparison to its petroleum-based counterparts.

And it’s not just the environment that benefits. The economic opportunities are vital to consider. By choosing hemp, I’m supporting the growth of local agriculture and encouraging the development of green industries. It’s empowering to think that my choice of straw could contribute to someone’s livelihood and advance technological innovation in eco-friendly products.

Sipping Responsibly: A Step Towards a Greener Tomorrow

I’ve made a personal commitment to sustainability, and using hemp-biodegradable straws has made the transition easier and apparent with each beverage. It’s a small change in my daily routine that has a significant environmental ripple effect. Each straw may seem like just a drop in the ocean, but collectively, these drops can create a wave of transformation.

The broader implications of choosing hemp plastic straws are immense. By selecting these eco-friendly options, I’m contributing to a demand for greener products. This demand signals to businesses and manufacturers the necessity of prioritizing sustainable practices, ultimately influencing the shift in industrial norms.

It’s not just about straws. It’s about a mindset. Individual choice has the power to drive industry-wide change. When I talk to friends and family about why I’ve switched, I’m often met with curiosity and a willingness to try them out. These conversations are key for spreading awareness and fostering a collective move toward sustainability.

non-biodegradable petroleum-based plastic liter
non-biodegradable petroleum-based plastic liter

Of course, mainstream adoption of biodegradable straws faces some challenges. Availability, cost, and ingrained habits can be hurdles. However, I believe that people will be inclined to make the shift when educated on the long-term benefits and are provided with easier access to hemp straws.

Small steps you and I can take to help spread the word:

In our local communities, we can help spread the positive word about the power of the Hemp plant through flyers, word of mouth, and using the products and answering questions about them. Also, we can vote for better hemp regulations our voices are powerful in numbers.

Engaging in productive dialogues on social media platforms is another way to gain attention. The more positive light we shed on the subject of sustainable plastics, the better. Now is the time for Industrial Hemp to rise to its fullest potential.

Remember, every individual who chooses to sip more responsibly is contributing to a healthier planet. With each sip, I’m reminded that we have the power to cultivate a greener, more sustainable world.

For even more information on hemp bioplastics, you can read my article – Hemp Bioplastics: A Sustainable Alternative to Conventional Plastics by clicking/tapping here.

I invite you to join me in this necessary transition, for our environment and future generations. Please feel free to join in on the conversation by leaving a comment below.

As always, thanks for reading my review, I hope you enjoyed it and that it helped you to make an informed decision on your next disposable drinking straw purchase.


Stacie Fortson, GGWHSF


  1. Hello,

    Very interesting blog! 

    Hemp straws are a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic straws. Your blog post highlights several benefits of using hemp straws, including their biodegradability, lower carbon footprint, and avoidance of BPA and phthalates. They seem just as durable as traditional plastic straws, making them a practical alternative.  

    Spreading awareness is key to wider adoption of hemp straws. Your blog acknowledges that there are challenges to mainstream adoption, such as availability and cost. However, you believes that people will be more likely to switch once they learn more about the benefits and where to find them. 

    1. Lili,

      You are correct, EarthStraws, made from Industrial Hemp are a perfect eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic straws. Traditional plastic straws, along with all other traditional plastics, are very harmful to our environment. While this is not new information, very few alternative eco-straws have withstood the straw test in many beverages.

      The worst was the paper straws, I gave them an A for effort, but the product was awful and did not hold up for more than 10 minutes in any beverage.

      The EarthStraws offer durability with no flavor transfer like other sugar-based bioplastics can. 

      I hope I have persuaded you to join the Industrial Hemp Revolution.

      Happy Hemp shopping!

      Stacie Fortson, GGWHSF

  2. That’s a really great and informative article thanks for sharing with us, I admit I didn’t even know that Hemp straws were a thing. My only experiences with Hemp are because they are in a seed and nut mix that I buy to put into my morning smoothies, plus sometimes I buy them just on their own for recipes I use. So to find out there are other uses for Hemp outside of consumption that can help the environment is really fascinating to me.

    Reducing our use of plastic is a must and switching to straws made from Hemp seems like such a good idea for everyone involved and I can’t wait to try it myself. Hopefully everyone can follow suit as we need to start moving toward a more sustainable green way of living.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    1. James, 

      You are so correct, reducing our unrecyclable plastic use is a MUST right now! I am so glad I was able to bring hemp straws into your life today. I am sure you will enjoy the quality and durability of these wonderful straws. 

      You can drink all day through one straw and not have any issues with its function or flavor transferring, they really are a step above the average recyclable straw.

      I hope you enjoy yours, and please stop back and give us an update!

      Stacie Fortson, GGWHSF

  3. I just finished reading your article and I’m impressed by the eco-friendly alternative these straws offer. The fact that they are made from hemp, a sustainable and renewable resource, is truly commendable. I also appreciate the attention to detail in your description of the straws, from their durability to their ability to decompose naturally.

    One aspect that stood out to me was your mention of Hemp Traders’ commitment to environmental stewardship. It’s inspiring to see companies taking such proactive steps towards sustainability. I’m curious: Have you had the chance to try these hemp straws yourself, and if so, what was your experience like? Your firsthand insight would be valuable for readers interested in making more environmentally conscious choices.

    1. Kiersti,

      Thank you so much for joining in on the conversation. 

      I think you may have missed my personal experience with the EarthStraws made from Industrial Hemp. I definitely included the fact that it lasted all day in my beverage without adding any undesirable flavors.

      I hope you get a box of EarthStaws today! They will amaze you for sure, and they are great conversation pieces as well!

      Happy Industrial Hemp shopping!

      Stacie Forston, GGWHSF

  4. Thank you for writing such an informational article on hemp straws, I had no idea what these were until I read your article to learn more about them.

    I do feel we are ruining this planet with all the chemicals in the air and our products, this can’t be healthy for any of us and we all should try to do our part.

    Many people don’t realize how the little things like purchasing biodegradable hemp straws can make a difference. I am not familiar with the company Hemp Trader, can I trust this company is something that I am wondering about, so can you help me with more information on them?

    Stay Green


    1. Jeff,

      Thank you so much for joining the conversation. I assure you that Hemp Traders is a very trustworthy company. They are a US-based company from sunny California, the owner and operator, Lawrence Serbin, has made it his life’s ambition to bring sustainable products made from renewable resources.

      I encourage you to read my article Hemp Traders – Making Innovative Waves For the Industrial Hemp Revolution, I believe you will find it to be most interesting. 

      Stacie Fortson, GGWHSF

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