Hemp Made-Plastics: They Are Available!

As of right now there are some hemp made plastics available on the market. The more laws we change the more hemp made plastic products you will see. You will see an increase in many hemp products, not just plastic.

Most of the progress that I have seen with hemp products have come from California and Colorado. Colorado is in the lead for plastics as of right now too.

Hemp Traders is probably one of the top of the line quality hemp plastics providers. You can get fine hemp made cutlery and straw that are all very eco-friendly and more durable than most plastic ware. On the plastics product page Hemp Traders also offers great information on why using hemp plastic ware and straws is so much better. They also point out that right now the prices are higher as demand and production need to pick up in order for the prices to drop. Being very translucent is one of the main draws for me with Hemp Traders.

This is a much-needed change for our environment! Hemp products are biodegradable and more recyclable than other products available. With as renewable as hemp is, we will not run short on the supply as long as there are farmers willing to grow it.

Right now most of our hemp products are either imported or the hemp fiber is imported so the product can be made. This is way more expensive of a production than need be. And creates higher prices for the consumer in the long run, how crazy is that!?!

If we supported our own hemp growers and product makers versus buying abroad, the cost of production would drop significantly. We would also have more American made products on our shelves at better prices for the American consumer, that are better for the environment. And they would help significantly improve our economy as well by creating more jobs nation wide. That is clearly a win win for the United States.

We can all start making smarter green purchases today by shopping with Hemp Traders and other similar based companies.

Molded Plastics

There are quite a few companies that are using hemp in their plastics and composite materials. The uses vary depending on the need as with any material.

Ford, GM, BMW, and quite a few other car manufacturers use hemp in the creation of the interior plastic door panels and more. Pretty much anything that is hard plastic inside and out. Your gas cap probably contains hemp products and all the fixtures around the lights that are plastic.

Hemp Plastic Molding for Car Assembly
Hemp Plastic Molding for Car Assembly
Hemp Resin Sink Basin
Hemp Resin Sink Basin

There are building supplies that contain hemp like the molded sinks and bathtubs. PVC could be made from hemp, and should be with as much is used in the construction of one house or office building alone!

Clear Plastics

The first I have heard of clear plastics like water bottles and straws, which are two of the major environmental crusades right now, and rightfully so! This is why we need to change some laws, I should be able to find a bunch of hemp made plastic items available. You can reach the company’s website at www.growhempcolorado.com

Hemp Made Plastics Could Help The Environment A Lot

As I stated we need to change the laws so we don’t see more of this!

Plastics and Other Pollution in Water Ways
Plastics and Other Pollution in Water Ways

Our oceans are so filled with plastics and other junk that just will not biodegrade. It washes up on beaches, and if you are out in the ocean you can come across mass collections of plastic bottles and junk that is just there forever, I guess. It was not there in the past, before these harmful petroleum based plastics were created!

Recycling Bins
Recycling Bins

No matter what we change to making our plastics out of we still have to remember to recycle, it is still important! Even with totally biodegradable plastics, at the rate we use them and dispose of them, we would be facing issues without recycling. They may not be as alarming, but issues are issues.

I will be researching more on this topic as it is just as important at the fuel and paper.

Please feel free to leave a comment about this article. I will get back to you as soon as possible, I love a great discussion.

Thank you as always.

Stacie Fortson

Go Green With Hemp


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