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Hemp Shoes by 8000 Kicks

Okay, so I am like a lot of women, I LOVE SHOES. I have bought countless pairs, some I have only worn once and some I feel that I live in. Being a promoter of all things hemp, I felt obligated to find and purchase shoes made of hemp.

I wanted to buy the best hemp shoes I could find, and so my search began. I came across many companies that did not share my same agenda as far as being eco-friendly and consumer-friendly as well.

Then I found 8000 Kicks, I was blown away. They impressed me with their commitment to creating quality products in an eco-friendly manner and providing them at an affordable price.

The World Most Sustainable Hemp Shoe – Each pair is made from industrial hemp, the sober cousin of marijuana, and one of the toughest fibers known to man. Hemp is also naturally anti-bacterial and has amazing wicking abilities. Therefore, making hemp the best material for making long-lasting tough shoes, and they are waterproof to boot.

The best part, 8000 Kicks makes more than just shoes, you can also get quality hemp backpacks, travel cases, and more.

Name:  8000 Kicks
Price varies for each product, but the prices are reasonable for such great quality.

Overall Rank: 8/10 I would give a higher rank but the selection is small for women’s shoes, if I were ranking just on the quality I would give a 10/10, hands down, the comfiest tennis shoes I have bought in many years.

What Is 8000 Kicks All About?

8000 Kicks is about making this planet a better place. They took what they call a 360 approach to be more accountable for their actions as a business.

They are not just looking to make a few quick bucks, they care about the products they make, what they are made from, how they are made, and, most importantly, how all of it affects the environment.

The materials used to make 8000 Kicks products are all organic and vegan-friendly. Hemp is the #1 ingredient in all of their products, the growing process of hemp is the first step of giving back to the environment.

The very act of growing hemp helps offset oxygen depletion, every acre planted removes large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere (potentially 7,34-11.01 tons, ground and air combined). All plants have the ability to absorb CO2, hemp just functions at a higher rate than most.
“Roughly speaking, if this country did 50 million acres of hemp, we would be sequestering a couple hundred million tons of carbon per year on that acreage,” Dobson said. “And that’s a huge opportunity.” -Ben Dobson is the founder and president of Hudson Carbon in Hudson, N.Y.

Aside from using the most powerful plant on the planet, 8000 Kicks also reduces their carbon footprint by using 30%-55% of clean renewable energy sources in their factories, and are always looking to improve.

They not only keep track of their own CF (carbon footprint) but also that of their partners. They work with several check systems such as Citeve, which test the hemp fabric for quality, and Oeko-Tex which holds the gold standard for non-toxic textile dying. Eco-stylist keeps check on 8000 Kicks’ sustainability, and Bloom is their partner for capturing CO2 and cleaning water.

Providing superior eco-friendly products comes with huge responsibilities, and 8000 Kicks takes them all very seriously.

Women’s and Men’s Shoes

While you won’t find the styles for ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, you might be able to outrun one of them in a pair of 8000 Kicks shoes. 

All jokes aside, 8000 Kicks style isn’t about being flashy, it’s about comfort and sustainability, mission accomplished as far as I am concerned. Each style is sold in men’s and women’s sizes.

I bought a pair of the Seekers in black so they would essentially be able to be worn with almost any outfit. They are quite possibly the most comfortable pair of sneakers I have purchased in my life. I am usually disappointed in shoes I purchase online, they just never seem to live up to the advertisements. 

This was not the case with the Seekers I purchased, they fit as if they were tailor-made for my feet

8000 Kicks shoes

somehow. My feet usually get hot and sweaty during the day, that was the biggest test for these shoes and they passed with flying colors. My feet got a little warm feeling at one point and then it was like a fan got turned on inside of them almost. My feet didn’t get cold, but they stayed at a very cozy dry temperature, versus overheating and turning into a sweaty mess like usual.

I wholeheartedly intend on purchasing the Chelsea boot as well, with my love for boots, they are a must-have item.

Explorer V2 – You could call this shoe 8000 Kicks’ baby, this is the very first-ever model of shoes developed by 8000 Kicks. They feature Algae Bloom soles and the world’s first 100% Hemp Insoles, they are 100% vegan and waterproof (PFC Free). 

8000 Kicks considers this shoe to be ‘the most sustainable, durable, and comfortable sneaker ever built’. The proprietary hemp insole adapts to your feet and is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial at the same time.

Seeker – This is the everyday office casual design by 8000 Kicks. With a recycled rubber mixed sole and a sleek durable and water-repellent hemp body, the Seeker was built for maximum comfort with a nice casual office appeal. Offered in black and white, all beige, and navy blue and white.

Both pairs of sneakers are great, it just depends on which style you prefer. No matter which you choose, I am sure you will be satisfied. They are both suitable for casual office wear, walking/hiking, and casual wear. Personally, I will eventually end up with both styles, and a few accessories. 

I will say aside from the slight design difference, the Explorer V2 design is offered in more color options. 

The Crossover Hemp Chelsea

The Crossover Hemp Chelsea – I wholeheartedly intend on purchasing the Chelsea boot as well, with my love for boots, they are a must-have item.

They are just so cute and they look like they will be very comfortable. They also look versatile in fashion, like they could be worn for light construction-type work, around the house, in the office, or even for camping.

This is the 1st waterproof hemp Chelsea boot offered by 8000 Kicks. As with all their products these boots are eco-friendly, 100% vegan, and extremely durable.

Back Packs and Accessories

Their mission didn’t stop with making great shoes, 8000 Kicks also had the thought of needing the perfect hemp socks to go with their spectacular hemp shoes and boots. You can choose from ankle socks or the traditional stripe sport sock. Both styles are designed with an anti-slip heal, and as stated earlier hemp’s breathability will help keep your feet comfy all year.

They have many other accessories as well such as wallets, dog toys, laptop cases, etc… all made with their top quality hemp and a lot of TLC. All products are made with top-quality hemp and 100% Vegan and are animal cruelty-free.

They also have Gift Cards so you can send the gift of hemp to all your friends and family.

Benefits of Buying 8000 Kicks Products

The dedication 8000 Kicks has for helping to save the environment and stop animal cruelty, is the two major things that set them apart from others. Absolutely no product that they make contains any animal byproduct. Each product has four ecological certificates to show that they are made ethically and sustainably. 

With every purchase, 8000 Kicks plants trees, which helps expand habitats for our woodland creatures and combats CO2 emissions. We, in return, get long-lasting quality products that we can feel good about buying and using on a daily basis. 

When you sign up for their newsletter, you will also unlock 20% in savings, 10% off your first order and you will receive a text message or email with another 10% off discount. Also, you can use coupon code: GGWHSF for an additional 10% off. That’s a total of 30% in discounts, in a nutshell, that’s some great savings to rack up on.

Shipping is fast and free in the EU and US for orders above $90. If you are not happy with your purchase, you have a 60-day return policy and great customer service (socks must be unused to return).

Being Responsible Consumers

Being a responsible consumer doesn’t take too much effort really. It involves educating yourself on how products are made and how their production and distribution can affect our environment and economy.

When we seek out companies like 8000 Kicks and Wama, and not to mention Hemp Traders we are being responsible consumers and supporting companies that care about the environment and the carbon footprint being left behind. Trust me it really makes a huge difference, we just have to look at the Big picture versus the narrow path in front of us.

My best advice is to ‘think green’ and buy hemp, the more we demand quality hemp products the more they will be offered, and the prices will start getting better. It has already improved 100-fold over the past 5 years, and with our combined effort as consumers, we can get more products and even better prices.

I would love to hear your opinion on the topic, please feel free to speak your mind in the comment section below. I will get back to you ASAP.

As always, thank you for visiting my website and reading my review.

Stacie Fortson, GGWHSF

4 thoughts on “Buy The Best Hemp Shoes: 8000 Kicks Review By GGWHSF

  1. I have not heard about 8000 Kicks before, until today. 

    I am a guy that has trouble finding shoes, and comfortable ones for that matter. What is the highest size in mens that this brand goes up to? It looks like an amazing shoe from the pictures you represented on the site, plus the fact it is natural and waterproof are great concepts to consider when purchasing.

    1. Jeremy,

      I am glad I could introduce you to 8000 Kicks. 

      They have a great quality durable shoe made from 100% natural ingredients. Their men’s sizes run from US sizes 7 – 10, EU sizes 6 – 13, and JP sizes 23 -32.

      I hope they cover your size, I know it can be difficult to find sizes for bigger guys. I have a friend in Colorado that is sad he cannot shop with 8000 Kicks as he wears a size 15. 

      Best of luck,


  2. Wow these shoes are adorable, I love all the different styles!! You’ve clearly outlined the benefits of 8000 Kicks hemp shoes, as well as provided detailed information on the materials used and the manufacturing process. As someone who is interested in sustainable fashion, I found this article to be a helpful resource in my search for eco-friendly footwear options. Thank you for the detailed review and for shedding light on the benefits of hemp as a material for shoes.

    1. Sydney,

      First off, thank you for visiting my site. I agree, the shoes are super cute and I just simply adore the boots!

      I am very happy I was able to shed some light on the benefits of using hemp in the shoe-making process. My mission is to spread the word about how wonderful and versatile hemp can be

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