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How Using Hemp Will Help Save The Planet

flyer by Stacie Fortson
flyer by Stacie Fortson

I am not a scientist, but I don’t think I have to be to say that our planet needs help! In this article I will go over how using hemp will save our planet in many ways .

To start with we must change our buying habits from desstructive products to constructive products. What I mean when I by that is simply stop buying products that do not recycle well. It is probably one of the biggest and most important steps to the recovery of our planets health.

We should be purchasing “green” products that will recycle with ease in the landfills. These products can be made from Industrial Hemp, Bamboo, Flax, and other plants.

These products are environmentally sound, and easy to make. They just need to be more readily available for consumers, and be made affordable.

We as consumers have this voice, but we have to change the way we purchase. If we expect to see any changes, we have to start demanding the hemp based and other plant made products. They must be in demand for them to be made readily available.

The American public has more control over what is offered for sale than they realize. It is in our everyday purchases that bring about new products and materials. Manufacturer’s rely on our buying habits as to what they produce and how much.

If you think about it, the trend for bottled water hit, and there is bottled water companies everywhere producing more bottled water than you can shake a stick at. This can be said with any trending item.

We as consumers can change the way products are made, we can demand the quality we desire of each and every product we purchase from everday products to trendy products. In the long run we will be helping save the planet with all of our purchases, even the trendy ones.



Industrial hemp brings a lot to the table on this subject. It can be used for so many things it would make you head spin!

One of the safest bio fuels (diesel and ethanol) can be made from hemp seeds. Plastics, paper of all sorts, clothing, food, fabrics, medicine, and so much more can also be made from hemp fiber pulp and seed. This plant has endless uses and more to be discovered in years to come.

Making paper goods from hemp is ideal as it can produce about 4x the amount of paper per acre of trees. Hemp also replenishes way faster than trees, it only takes about 130 days from seed to harvest for a whole field of hemp, versus 40 to 50 years for a mature tree to grow. Also, it is so toxic to make paper from trees with the chemicals required, and it requires a huge amount of water that is useless and toxic in the end.

Making hemp paper paper is not like that at all, there are no harmful chemicals involved, there is no reason. Hemp paper last longer and recycles better and is naturally acid free. A lot of professions require acid free paper, and wood pulp paper has to be specially treated to be acid free.

As an artist I know for a fact I prefer acid free paper! Who wants their work on paper that will turn yellow with age, get brittle and fall apart? Not me, and I don’t even sell my work, I hang it on my own walls.

Hemp fabric is far superior to that of cotton and such. Hemp fibers a longer and stronger than cotton fibers, also hemp has natural wicking abilites and is hypoalergenic and antifungal. I have a pair of hemp fiber jeans that I would not trade for my very soul, I swear! They are the most comfortable jeans in my collection and I want more. They do not seem to be showing age like regular denim jeans and they are comfy straight from the dryer, I wear them a lot, so they should be showing more age than the rest of my jeans and they just don’t.

Why Don’t We Know More About Industrial Hemp?

We would know more about hemp and all it could be used for already, but it was banned in the United States in the 1930’s during the drug wars.

Of course the U.S. Government knew that hemp should not have been lumped in with any drug and nor should have marijuana. But see there was this little thing call fear of competition coming from the cotton growers, oil drilling companies, and logging companies.

Hemp threatened the existence of all three.

This fear lead to hemp to being bunched in with marijuana as a drug that would ruin society. Therefore also making it illeagal to grow and utilize.

Our fore fathers grew hemp and used it for many purposes prior to this. Industrial hemp was grown by every farmer, and used for so many things including sails for battleships, rope, clothing, lamp oil, and medicine. Until the late 1930’s, hemp was the very fiber of our country’s industries.

Hemp Field, Europe
Hemp Field, Europe

A high tax on farmers growing hemp slowed the growth, but eventually it became taboo to grow industrial hemp because marijuana was illegal and they were grouped together.

Very few farmers continued to grow it, and all major progress of processing the plant ceased.

Can Enough Hemp Be Grown To Supply Public Demand of Products?

The answer is YES!

If enough farmers get on board and start growing hemp we would have a whole new industry of jobs within four months.

Industrial hemp grows very fast, like 4 months from seed to harvest. In some areas you can get 2 harvests from one field, maybe three depending on the year. And hemp will grow pretty much anywhere, it is a lot like a weed, it adapts to its environment to thrive.

Hemp requires very little care to grow, you plant the seeds and pray for sun and rain or start watering them. Mother nature’s finest is all hemp requires to grow a high yielding crop.

The hemp plant does not allow for other weeds to grow in its field, it “chokes” them out as they say in the plant world. So there for there will not be any weed killers used.

Very few if any insects are drawn to industrial hemp, because of the strength of it’s stalk, so that also cuts the pesticides to a minimal or to not even being used.

There is enough farm land in the world to start growing hemp on a very large scale. All we need are some laws to change nationwide and willing farmers.

Is It Easy To Process Industrial Hemp

Right now the processing of hemp is very laborious, a lot of it is done by hand. If it were to be used on a daily basis in our society, the processing would have to be made simpler and more mechanical to be efficient.

Nonetheless, if we change our buying habits to hemp products, the production of hemp products would increase and force a change in the industrial end of things.  This would open up thousands of new jobs, potentially nationwide.

We have a huge population full of demands, this being said, we also have some very smart people in our huge demanding population.

The issue of needing simpler processing could be very short-lived with new inventions. So come on geniuses of the world, we need you brain power right now!

How Can This Be Made Possible and Is It Feasible?

This can be made possible by the huge demanding population that we are, demanding hemp products. We could request that stores carry hemp paper products and then refuse to buy any wood paper products.

We can do this same thing with plastics, and fuels as well. If we do not demand these changes, we will not get them.

It really is that simple, and yes it will cost the industrial world to switch over to produce the hemp products that impact our environment, but it is the industrial world’s fault as to why we are where we are with this anyhow.

Had they not let the big oil tycoons, cotton growers, synthetic fabric makers, and others to pad their pockets back in the 30’s, we would probably still have hemp in our daily lives and our planet might not be in such turmoil.

If you think that the big tycoons will not adapt, you are crazy. We are the ones that are paying for their big nice houses, fancy cars, vacations, super fat salaries, and other aspects of their expensive lifestyles. They don’t want that to stop, so they will make the changes we are asking for or we will pay someone else to and they will go broke.

It is that simple.

We really must make a stand and take action now and start using hemp products, and other natural products, we have to stop using petroleum based products no matter what they are, that industry really needs to be shut down.

Petroleum being one of the worst, the other is the paper industry. We can make paper from hemp or cotton more efficiently and safer than using trees. Yet, we continue to allow clear cutting every day, as we cannot seem to stop buying wood paper products.

The Major changes are the more simple ones on the consumer end, its just a different product that we put in our shopping cart or fuel tank, we are still paying for it no matter. It is just costing the planet less.

Industrial Hemp Could Be The Answer To Saving The Planet

If we stop clear cutting trees for the processing of paper alone it will save acres upon acres of trees every year. We need these trees as part of our already diminishing ecosystem, they provide oxygen, shade, and shelter. We have already allowed the rain forest to be ravaged and it will never grow back the same, it’s just gone, forever.

Clear Cur Forest
Clear Cut Forest

I have often thought of what is going on under the surface of the earth from the massive crude oil drilling. The oil companies just pump the oil out of the ground like there will be no repercussions whats-so-ever. I disagree! I think there are now voids that will create potential catastrophic repercussions. If they are leaving voids as I suspect, there is a potential for collapse or cave-ins, and they drill in the ocean too guys.

I say, if we can get by without ever drilling for another drop of crude oil we should, we will be better off in the long run.

Oil Drilling Rig In the Ocean
Oil Drilling Rig In the Ocean

If we changed those two things alone, our planet would start recovering.

Yes it will take time, but I think my daughter would see a difference in her lifetime, she is in her early teens. I think that by the time she is my age there would already be a substantial amount of tree regrowth. I am 45 so that would give 30 years of trees not being clear cut, but planted instead.

We don’t need to know how to make the items we need, as consumers, we just need to find our voices and demand they be available regardless.

CBD Oil and Marijuana legalization could be the best thing that has happened for our environment yet! This will inspire more inventions and uses to be derived from the plant.

That is what my website is about, promoting the use of all Industrial Hemp made products to help save the planet.

I am an affiliate marketer and I will have plenty of product reviews and general informational topic articles as well to help you shop green.

Please feel free to scroll through my reviews and purchase items that you like. This is how we will help make the marketing changes that we drastically need. One step at a time can turn into leaps and bounds before we know it so shop away!

I sincerely hope I have helped at least one person with my website. I would love to hear you opinion of my site or on the topic in general.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article out of the many online.

Stacie Fortson

Go Green With Hemp

P.S. If you want to check out some products I have reviewed so far go to Hemp Products Reviews and CBD Products Review pages in the menu.

14 thoughts on “How Using Hemp Will Help Save The Planet

    1. Richard,

      I totally agree!
      Just be very careful buying online! There are some fraudulent companies out there just trying to make a quick buck.
      Honestly, I am going to stop many affiliations with online CBD programs for that reason. I promote the use, but I want people to get good quality products, so far I have only found quailty products with Diamond CBD when shopping online.

      Stacie Fortson

  1. I would love to work for the hemp company specially the CBD’s company selling the product I have been using CBD’s and belive the product can change the world take down the tobacco company’s and bring on the hemp companies!

  2. Hi Stacie,

    Thank you for the detailed article, I really enjoyed it!
    When I went to check if hemp is legal in my country I found an related article about the legality of hemp and CBD products across the world,

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you so uc for reading my article, and visiting my site.
      I am glad that you found it helpful and educational. Please feel free to visit anytime.
      Thanks Stacie

  3. Hello Stacie,
    Your website is really coming along. I read a few of your articles. The only thing you might do differently is to put a few more categories so you don’t have everything on the front page. People may get tired of scrolling that far down.
    Really nice articles. I cannot do the dabs. I get very dizzy and have to lie down, People think it is funny but for some reason I do not react well to it.
    I use hemp lotion all the time. It used to smell funny but lately it smells really good.
    Keep going you will do great.

  4. Hi Stacie

    I really enjoyed your article, and I can honestly say I have never heard of the hemp plant before.  I agree with you, hemp should be grown again by farmers today.  There are so many uses for hemp as you described, and I am on board with you.  Our planet is not getting any better it’s getting worse everyday.  I am amazed that such a great plant was abolished for such foolish reasons.  


    1. Dora,

      Thank you for reading my article.

      I am very happy that I could spread the importance of using industrial hemp! 

      So many people have a misconception or just lack of knowledge when it comes to industrial hemp and it’s actual uses. Which is exactly why I started my website.

      Yeah I could have just focused on the CBD Oils, but that’s not what hemp is all about. 

      It is about so much more! 

      Again Thank you for reading and expanding your knowledge, I hope you share what you have read here today. Please stop back by anytime, I will have more to read about for sure!

      Stacie Fortson

  5. Hi, I love your attitude we need more people like you to encourage us. I’m on my twenty’s and I have a baby boy and is really sad when I realize that he will be growing up in a world that it’s literally dying because of us 🙁 we must do anything to fix it and I think the thing you said here could really be the answer. And it’s true that the industry will adapt, they’ll have to, I will do more research about this to implement here. I’m so glad there are people who care about our planet like you out there 🙂

    1. Paola,

      Thank you so much!!

      I am a mother as well, and the very thought of my daughter growing up and not having trees for my grandchildren to play in and around rattles me to my very core!

      It is very true about the industry adapting, it adapted to petroleum when the government saw fit to outlaw Industrial Hemp for no real good reason. At the time the industrial world was set up to deal with hemp making paper, oils, medicine, fabrics and more. 

      We really just need to change out buying habbits to create the change we desire.

      I hope our children have a cleaner environment when they are adults, and they can if we start changing now!

      Stacie Fortson

  6. Your website is beautiful, not just in the way that it looks, which is amazing, but in the message, of using things like hemp that we can produce quickly for so many things.  To do any part to help the earth is a worthwhile effort, and I appreciate your website bringing focus on important issues.  Thanks so much.

    1. Babsie,

      Thank you so much for reading my article and checking out my site!

      I wanted to make a difference with my website versus just sell things. I figured if I was going to promote the use of anything it would be something that would be helpful to everyone. 

      I have known about hemp for quite some time, I didn’t know about the extense that it could be utuilized until I did all the reseach I have, and trust me will continue to research. 

      There is so much information and so many uses that it just blows me away! 

      Thank you again.

      Stacie Fortson

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